Punjab government trashes Khalsa University Act-2016

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—The Congress led Punjab government on April 20 trashed the Khalsa University Act passed by its predecessor government giving recognition to Khalsa University. The Punjab government has dubbed it as an attempt to save the heritage character of Khalsa College building.

File Photo: Khalsa University

Speaking with the media, a government official on basis on anonymity said that the University status was being trashed to save historic Khalsa College from losing its heritage status by falling prey to privatization. He also cited that the Government observed that there was no logic in establishing a new university in Amritsar which already had a reputed running state university i.e. Guru Nanak Dev University.

Reacting sharply to the Punjab government’s decision, the Khalsa College governing council has termed it as a manifestation of Vendetta politics by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh. Ruling out the Punjab Government’s accusation of diluting of heritage character of Khalsa College building, Chairman of Khalsa College governing council Satyajit Singh Majithia said that the University was housed in a separate building so how could it dilute the heritage character of Khalsa College building. He added that the governing council would seek suggestion from legal experts to tackle Punjab government’s move.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet minister Manpreet Badal has made it clear that the Punjab government would not jeopardize the future of 300 students studying in Khalsa University and they will be adjusted in Khalsa College or other in some other University as per their choice.  


  1. Khalsa college needs to open up new branches of college in all cities and districts of India so as to provide education to all the citizens of the country.
    The Amritsar Branch of Khals college should should evolve it self into an University .
    Khalsa college please grow and don’t STAGNATE.

  2. Khalsa college will at some point of time will have to evolve itself into an UNIVERSITY of the standards of

    1) Oxford
    2) Stanford

    It should rather evolve itself into an Education City and in future set up a Space station based Khalsa University.

  3. Education system of Punjab has been ruined by the politicians and others owing to their vested interests. A vast majority of our students stand no where in competition within and outside India. Look at the condition of most engineering colleges as well as Private medical colleges. Thanks to poor governance. Education may not be treated as a money making machine. Under-educated Ministers and business men have been handling education related issues. What a pity! The state has made itself a laughing stock. The state whose primary education is substandard can not aspire to run good higher education institutions. How many Punjabi students/faculty/Directors are there in all big institutes of Punjab: NIPER, INST, IMTech, IIM, IIT etc? And Punjab Govt boasts of these institutions!

    • SGPC needs to give Education a big Boost.
      They need to have a separate cell called “EDUCATION CELL” for Setting up , Expansion and Running of
      1) School
      2) Colleges
      3) Universities


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