Sikhs Protest As Gurdwara Sahib in Kashmir Burgled & Desecrated

JAMMU, Kashmir—Sikh sangat (congregations) have spilled onto the streets in the northern Indian state of Kashmir after a burglary over the weekend was coupled with deliberate vandalism and desecration.

Many religious books and artifacts were damaged and destroyed at Gurdwara Nanak Nagar, in Jammu, and Sikhs spilled on the streets to demand action from the authorities.

Indian law enforcement is notorious for being laxed and often ineffective, and as such, prominent Sikh organizations such as the Sikh Youth Sewa Trust have played a front-line role in demanding immediate action and investigation.

Tejinderpal Singh, chairman of the organization, said, “Sikhs living in all parts of the world cannot tolerate such an attack on a place of worship and the government needs to step up efforts in apprehending the culprits.”



  1. “Guru da Khalsa is always in chardi kla” I reply to his questions only to tell Hindus the Brahmanical soch is driving them to wrong direction. “sarbat da bhlah”.
    Hindus are like ‘Amar vail’ they suck the blood of people who live with them. Most the Muslims are poor in India because there is no reservations for them. They consider dalits as Hindus because they use & abuse them from centuries. Most of the dalits & OBC are poor, upper class Hindu just sees them as vote bank, you will find very few ministers of dalits, OBC, Muslims, they are more than 70 percent of total population.

  2. You just like to class them as slaves – shows your true colours MORON!!!! You have a big problem with humanity ….. you are hypocrite stating biggest democracy whilst minorities are second class… Hindus are devil and stone worshippers…. recall the times when the Mughals ruled you were crying out to the handful of Sikhs to come to the rescue now you can talk – we have teachings of our master Guru Gobind Singh and will never stop fighting or our rights. ……

  3. It is not your personal property either , you are having problem ,Dalits are Hindus . We don’t want them to leave .in case of Muslim we already have them their country

  4. Sikhs should leave because they oppose jaat-paat, Muslims should leave because they eat cow meat, dalits should leave because they are doing Ph. D, so that Brahman can again slave this country. Sikhs blocked the way of Muslim rulers, Britishers came via Calcutta, no Hindu raja could stop them on the other hand Hindus helped British to end the sikh raj. India is not any body’s personal property.

  5. Hardeep Singh why your every problem ends with Hindus . Shame on you hypocrite . We are proud of our religion. We don’t need your stupid advise. If you don’t like living here , you can always leave the country.

  6. We must have a suitable defense system to protect our Gurudwaras and Guru Granth Sahib.
    All of those who indulge in such acts must be produced before the Law of the Land.

  7. Guru Sahib ended jaat-paat for Sikhs, but as we live with Hindus we couldn’t leave this & we have different gurdwaras in villages, but beadbi is all due to dirty politics. Sikhs should be amritdhari & shashdhari and strong enough to safeguard their gurdwaras & themselves.

  8. I would also recommend that fellow sikh stop building so many gurudawaras (literally every village has at least 2 or more based maryada divisions and sect ones or deras – excluding historic gurudawara sahibs) and instead congregate and defend the Guru’s Saroop and our places of worship!

  9. You can find these persons & give them any punishment but you will never find the person behind these incidents because he is ruler or who wants to rule by dividing people. Sikhs are asking for justice from law breakers with a mask of law makers. Those who came to power by the demolition of babri masjid & killing Muslims and are against Sikh religion from more than 500 years, they will give us justice?

  10. Guru Granth Sahib ji is our living Guru. Gurbani is for every human being in the world which shows the path to be one with God, Vaheguru, Allah, you can call Him with any name; but if everyone finds the right path to God, how will Brahman, upper cast Hindu will fool other Hindus to rule India. It may be any party in India it will do to the sikhs & sikh religion same they are doing now. No law can do anything unless the soch of Hindu changes.

  11. The most corrupt Country most corrupt government of India is out to destroy Sikhi and of course it is so important that we unite and let the world know what this so called democracy is all a load of non-sense. Double standards if you are living in India and highly likely these culprits will never be found or indeed punished……. Shame on you India only if the world was aware of your corruption.

  12. Punjab assembly should pass a resolution declaring Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji as a Living Entity, similar to what Uttranchal high court nanital passed on river ganga…Then only u can punish the culprits.

  13. Any state where the BJP is ruling can never be peaceful, people of India have elected such a party whose motto is to create disturbance, sooner this will be most disturbing country in the world. Peace loving people & parties should unite to stop these communal forces.


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