Afghanistan’s Sikh & Hindu Minorities Demand Probe Into Sikh Killing

An Afghan Sikh man during a religious ceremony in Kabul (file photo)

KUNDUZ, Afghanistan—Sikh and Hindu communities in Afghanistan have demanded authorities investigate attacks against members of their communities, after a local Sikh community leader was shot dead in the northern city of Kunduz.

Narmang Singh, a shopkeeker also known as Dilsoz, was killed by gunmen on his way to work on December 29, the second deadly attack against members of the Sikh community in Afghanistan since September.

Senator Anarkali Honaryar, who represents the Hindu and Sikh minorities in the upper house of Afghanistan’s parliament, says the attack has deeply affected the communities.

“The incident has left a serious negative psychological impact on the Hindus and Sikhs. We urge authorities to investigate this incident as well as past attacks against the Hindus and Sikhs,” Honaryar told RFE/RL on December 30.

Police in Kunduz say three suspects were arrested in connection with Singh’s killing.

On September 30, a Sikh man was abducted from his home and shot dead by suspected militants in the eastern city of Jalalabad. The killing sparked protests by the Sikh community.

A vast majority of Afghanistan’s Hindus and Sikhs — whose were estimated to number around 220,000 in the 1980s — have left the conflict-torn country in the past three decades.



  1. Afghanistan Sikhs will have to resurrect themselves and rise from Ashes .
    They have to make themselves a vital ,essential and integral part of Afghanistan.
    They need a
    Afghanistan “Sarbatt Khalsa”

    • You don’t want Sarbat Khalsa in Punjab but want it in Afghanistan?! You really make me laugh with all your cynicism and hypocrisy.

  2. They need find a way to protect themselves in a war torn country and flourish in this challenging circumstances of a Long War.

    • I suggest you lead many ‘regiments’ of your RSS and Hinduvta taliban there. You cannot spend all your time on fake parades and thuggish intimidation of civilians here in India and it will give you all much needed experience of how to fight Islamists and perhaps redeem that deep stain of dishonour your forebears put upon you when they ran in fright of the Afghan and the Moghul.

      • Some of we Sikhs still live in 2 by gone eras

        1) Mughal era
        2) 1984 era

        We have plenty of battles in future awaiting us eg
        “STAR WARS”, Galactic wars etc.

        So Start moving your self from chosen inertia .

      • You are now talking about wanting to fight star wars and galactic wars?! My friend your forebears could not even successfully fight wars on earth against their oppressors that you want to forget about – the moghul and britishers eras. Forget all this Hinduvta braggadocio and like the Sikhs remember your past and learn from it. Of course the Sikh past is rather glorious whereas yours…well, no wonder you want everyone just to forget.

  3. this issue should have been talked about in Amritsar Heart of Asia Conference, Afghan Sikhs and Hindus should be given weapons by India to protect themselves until situation is better addressed

  4. The Afghanistani Sikhs must make Afghanistan a safe place and a heaven where people of all faith can live in peace and harmony.

    • What about Afghani Hindus, don’t you want them to stand up and risk their lives also to make Afghanistan a safe place and heaven where people of all faith can live in peace and harmony?

      • Yes any person including Hindus who will help making Afghanistan into a modern ,democratic and secular state.

      • They need to make Afghanistan into a all inclusive and modern law abiding society where people of all faith are protected.

      • Woah?! Pot calling kettle black there my friend. Don’t you know that people who live in glasshouse should not throw stones.

  5. They must not leave their country.
    They on contrary must build a Punjab on every mountain in Afghanistan .
    Then elect a Sikh president and a army to protect them.


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