Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) To Institute Committee to Work on Sarbat Khalsa ‘Vidhi Vidhan’ #SarbatKhalsa

File Photo: Sarbat Khalsa 2015
File Photo: Sarbat Khalsa 2015

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—As the suspended Punj Piare from Sri Akal Takht Sahib had inaugurated a panel of Sikh scholars to work on Sarbat Khalsa vidhi vidhan on October 18 during the meeting in Chandigarh, the Shiromani Akali Dal Amritsar (SADA) is also working to establish a similar panel that will finalize the documentation, which will be passed during Sarbat Khalsa 2016 gathering.

Sources within the SADA have informed Sikh24 that the Sarbat Khalsa 2016 scheduled to be held at Talwandi Sabo on November 10 will pass the Vidhi Vidhan specifying the procedure for appointment, retirement and jurisdiction of Takht Jathedars.  This procedure will also detail how and when the Sarbat Khalsa can be called, and who can give the call.

Sikh24 has learnt that the drafts of Vidhi Vidhan prepared by some prominent Sikh intellectuals like S. Karamjit Singh Chandigarh and Bhai Narain Singh Chaura were being discussed by SADA.  In addition, Sri Damdama Sahib Jathedar Bhai Baljit Singh Daduwal too has prepared a draft, which is also being considered.

Notably, the SADA has mass impact on the Sarbat Khalsa 2016 called at Talwandi Sabo.  Along with the United Akali Dal, the SADA was the key organizer of the event last year.  SADA is adamant to hold its grip on the Sikh institution of ‘Sarbat Khalsa’. Despite the order of Akal Takht Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara of handing over the leadership of Sarbat Khalsa 2016 to the sacked ‘Punj Piares’, the SADA leadership and other three Takht Jathedars have been continuing their meetings ignoring Jathedar Hawara’s order.


  1. To Mr Harinder please stop comparing Sikh religion with any other We have full respect for all the religions of the world.There are only two religions of the world Jewish and Sikh who haven’t used force to do any conversions. So there so no danger posed by your definition of hyper religious etc.We want to keep our path straight for that we need persons who believe in Sikh faith.

  2. They also need to have members from different nations, professions. and science and technology to guide them ..

    They got to understand the dangers posed by hyper Religious and hyper Nationalists.

  3. It is only humble suggestion .Please take your time and get the input of majority of the intellectuals domestic as well as in diaspora before passing any resolutions in a Sarbat Khalsa. Half baked resolutions do more damage than good. We have been the cruel victims of the so called Rehat Maryada which was drafted by few individuals ( it had initially about 30 members but top most scholars of the time like S Kahan Singh Nabha attended only one meeting and had no input in the final draft) whose credentials were not up to the mark and it was essentially accepted by few SGPC members in mid 1940’s and we are still paying the price. As far as Harinder is concerned he can go live in his own world.

  4. Only one goal of Sarbat Khalsa; KHALISTAN. Only when the Sikhs achieve independence from the Brahmin Fascists will they be able to live in peace. If Khalistan is not on the table at every meeting than we a re going back wards. Sikhism is inherently a political movement. From its inception with Guru Nanak discarding the red thread ceremony of hindus to Guru Har Gobind’s concept of MIRI and PIRI. Spiritual and Physical realms of Sikh though. To THe final encapsulation of a physical identity provided to the Sikhs by Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Politics has and always will be a part of SIkhi, “Raj karega Khalsa” The Khalsa shall rule.

  5. They need to have good understanding of concept of
    1) Nations
    2) Religion
    3) Empires and its military industrial complexes
    4) World order
    5) Space and Time
    6) Fate of Earth, Sun, Galaxies,.
    7) Parallel Universe.

    We are all travellers on space ship earth to distant galaxies and Parallel Universe’s.
    Surging enroute the various wars,genocides etc etc.
    They need to transform the community into a space faring community as this earth is going to burn up in 4 billion years from now.

  6. The leaders organizing sarbat Khalsa seems more motivated politically than religiously. The reason behind sarbat Khalsa was sangat’s concerns about attack on Guru Granth Sahib, Akaal Takhat Sahib, & Sikh principals, the organisers should cooperate with all parties & scholars for vidhi vidan & other sikh problems.

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