The Beauty Of Jap Ji Sahib

The Beauty of Jap Ji Sahib
A Poetic Rendition Part 11

Pauree 37 
In the realm of Grace, the force of Spirit reigns 
Here, nothing else prevails 
Save the bravest of the brave 
Soaked with the Spirit of Love 
And hewed in Divine praise 
Their beauty cannot be phrased. 
Death and deceit touches them not, 
In whose hearts You live. 
Here dwell Your loved, no matter where they are from, 
Rejoicing in Your presence. 
In the realm of Truth is the Formless One 
Gazing upon all Creation with Grace and Joy 
Here are many regions, universes and galaxies, 
To attempt a count would be to count the countless 
Here are a multitude of luminous forms 
To Hukam they conform, 
The Formless One watches, rejoices and contemplates Creation 
Says Nanak, to describe this is hard as nails. 

Pauree 38 
In the smithy of continence, patience is the goldsmith 
Hammering the strokes of knowledge on the anvil of the mind 
Blowing the bellows of divine awe, igniting the inner flame 
Pouring the gold of Amrit in the crucible of Love 
In the mint of Truth is the coin of Life cast 
For those who are so graced, it is their daily task 
Says Nanak, they live in unalloyed bliss.

Guru, the breath of life; water the sire; 
And the great earth, womb of all being. 
Nursed by Day and Night, nurtured in their lap is the world at play 
Good deeds and bad will all be weighed 
By our actions we are in Your presence or afar 
They who have centered on Your Name, their labors are done 
Nanak, their faces aglow, they are free to go; 
Ferrying others across with them!


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