VIDEO: Ecological Disaster & Death in Punjab

Watch this video on YouTube.

Punjab has been hailed as an Indian success story: ever since the modern farming techniques of the 60s and 70s transformed the state into the breadbasket of India – helping change the fortunes of a starving nation.

But today, Punjabi farmers are facing an ecological disaster, riddled with debt and death. They are committing suicide in their thousands — and many now face a new menace: heroin.



  1. Punjab govt needs to learn the art of Job Creation or else the Punjabi and its Farmers will just buzz of to places where ever Jobs exist.

  2. Farmers are dieing in Punjab & India, but some people just joke… There are some powers in India, they just use people then let them die or kill them. Maximum sacrefices by sikhs for freedom & maximum sikhs were killed after so called azaadi. Farmers grow food for whole India, but now gov & associstes just joke & the farmers are killing them selves or being killed by drugs. Even they used their bapu gandhi & killed after Azaadi. They just use & then destroy.

  3. Farmers in Punjab need to find alternative source for Livelihood in different professions from manufacturing , trading , Repairing to Research such as in

    1. LAW
    2. MEDICAL field from drug ,equipment manufacturing to Nursing to paramedics to Doctors to teachers.
    3. TRANSPORT business from manufacturing to transporting on Land by vehicles ,water by Ships ,air by aeroplanes and Space by space ships and space stations
    4. EDUCATION in school ,colleges and Universities
    5. DEFENSE from equipment manufacturing to serving in defense forces in Land , air ,water and Space
    6. RESEARCHER in all human activities
    7. FINANCAL from money making to banks .
    8. Movies
    9. Musics
    10. Book writing
    11. Industries
    12. Engineering all different products
    13. Constructions
    14. Mass media such as Television ,New paper ,whattsapp
    15. Computer industry from the Internet to PC
    16. Telecom industry
    17. Animal industry
    etc etc


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