Sikh Youth Severely Tortured and Traumatized by the Punjab Police

HOSHIARPUR, Punjab—Sikh youth Jaspreet Singh of village Chabbowal, who was arrested by Punjab police by alleging him of member of Khalistan Liberation Force, was admitted to Civil Hospital of Hoshiarpur on August 20.  Jaspreet Singh is in critical condition and is not able to recognize his siblings and relatives.

Sikh24 learned that when the sister and family of Jaspreet Singh went to jail to tie ‘rakhri’ on his wrist on August 18, he did not recognize them. The family also noticed that his physical condition was bad.

On getting acquainted of the matter, lawyer Advocate Harjinder Singh Dhami moved plea in Court to check about physique of Jaspreet Singh. The Court ordered for constituting an Investigation Board to check Jaspreet Singh’s physique by admitting him in Civil Hospital of Hoshiarpur.

Interacting with media on this occasion, family of Jaspreet Singh said that the police have framed their son in a fabricated case. They said that Jaspreet Singh used to remain busy in his job of denting & painting besides ploughing his agriculture land. They totally ruled out the possibility of Jaspreet’s connection with any militant organization. 

Dal Khalsa was also highly critical of the police for using third degree torture on Jaspreet Singh Jassa arrested along with two other youths under various charges in the first week of August.

Dal Khalsa ex-president H S Dhami said throughout Punjab, torture was practiced systematically in police stations. He said the torture was illegal as no court or law permits the use of such “inhuman” methods on detainees as was being practiced by the state police. 

Quoting the victims family members and his lawyer from P&H High court Advocate Navkiran Singh, he said the condition of Jaspreet was critical, who is hospitalized on Saturday for treatment. 

Dal Khalsa met Jaspreet Singh’s family members and medical staff at civil hospital on August 21, who told them that he was badly traumatized and depressed.  Dhami said and added that the manner in which the police have tortured Jaspreet was highly condemnable.   He said whatever right or wrong he has committed, it’s for the court of law to decide.

He slammed Congress as well as Akali led successive government’s for failing to end the impunity being enjoyed by the police force and use of torture by them on detainees. 


    • Provide evidence. I know you like to believe in mythical delusions (Ramayana et al) but this is a Sikh website and we prefer rational logical thinking and have no fear of real threats let alone existential ones. Waheguru is the only we bow to.

    • No such thing as EMPIRE except in star wars. Stop trying to spread fear and intimidation, won’t work on Sikhs as we are not weak minded.

    • I am not really trying to educate ‘Harinder’ but rather point out to the Sikhs he is trying manipulate the irrationality, factual inaccuracy and hypocrisy of his postings all of which are deliberately designed to undermine Sikh morale.

  1. 1. Drugs problems is we Sikhs need to sort out by multiple methods.
    2. We need to prevent our children from falling into the DRUG BLACK HOLE.
    3. URANIUM in Punjab water is a Problem for which there is no easy answer except for setting up multiple Punjab’s in different villages and towns of the world ,Planets ,Galaxies and Universes.
    4. Water problem can be overcome by reunification of Punjab ,Haryana , Himachal Pardesh and may be Jammu also as a olden Punjab as has Germany ,USA and EU have done.
    5. Divisions always create such problems
    6. Fight injustice politically through democratic means without violence,

    • 5. Divisions always create such problems
      6. Fight injustice politically through democratic means without violence. Yes so let us ban immediately the RSS and all Hinduvta groups like the Shiv Sena are heavily involved in undermining national integrity and criminality. Any members or supporters should be arrested and sent to prison and kept there indefinitely without charge as you also don’t believe in jurisprudence.

    • Also stop using this ‘we Sikhs’ ploy. You are NOT a Sikh. You hate Sikhs and what they stand / stand up for. Death of Sikh jawans brings you no tears.

      • Baptism into Sikhi is the one to decide it as that was the decree of Guru Gobind Singh and seeing as you absolutely detest the very sight of the dastaar and the five kakkars it is pretty obvious you have no right to call yourself a Sikh. That and of course your total disregard for Sikh doctrine and lack of compassion and common humanity for others – you don’t even know why you should shed tears for the death of innocents if they happen to be Sikhs.

      • I already told you it is not me who decides whoi is Siukh or not but Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s decree made on April 13th 1699 (HISTORICAL FACT) when he instituted baptism and made it mandatory for anyone claiming to be his Sikh to become a member of the Khalsa. There is nothing that you can do to try and override his direct command. You are not a member of the Khalsa (as is evident from your numerous postings which show your hatred of even the five kakkar uniform let alone the principles such a uniform forces a Sikh to remember) and you absolutely hate the principles of Sikhi demanding that religious code of living (Gurmukh) be kept a secret behind closed doors at home. You think you can dilute and castrate Sikhi, you are dead wrong. And you are certainly not dad at the death of anyone as your postings reveal you are prepared to excuse kidnapping, torture and murder of Sikhs – look at the disgusting posts you have made against Bapu Surat Singh’s fast for the rights of prisoners and your comment to a survivor of 1984 genocide that they should now have just got over the suffering they suffered.

  2. Drugs problems is we Sikhs to sort our on how to prevent our children from falling into the DRUG BLACK HOLE.
    URANIUM in Punjab water is a Problem for which there is no easy answer except setting up multiple Punjab’s in different villages and towns of the world ,Planets ,Galaxies and Universes.

    Water problem can be overcome by reunification of Punjab ,Haryana , Himachal pardesh and may be Jammu also as a olden Punjab as has Germany ,USA and EU have done.
    Divisions always create such problems

    Fight injustice politically through democratic means without violence,

    • It is not violence to demonstrate in a democracy. What you really mean is no one should be allowed to dissent at all. Marches, hartals, shops shutting for the day, petitions, free association, mass meetings, raising of slogans are NOT VIOLENCE. I agree Haryana can be re-merged back into Punjab and called Punjab under Sikh leadership (none of this dirty tricks idea of yours of diluting Sikh vote) changing its state language back from Hindi to Punjabi. Uranium in Punjab’s water comes from nuclear power plants – really simple to trace back to its source. Same thing with drug epidemic which is heavily linked to polity and police in Punjab. Follow the money. Let us examine the bank accounts of all police officers and politicians in Punjab (both in India and overseas) and get the Sikh regiments stationed into the border of Punjab, after all they not wanted by Modi to parade in national army parade so should just concentrate on protecting their own people.

      • All changes that you desire to see in society should be done in a peaceful ,democratic and constructive ways.
        Hartals create anarchy and are not the wayd of modern scientific socities

      • Hartals were perfectly acceptable to Mahatma Gandhi or are you saying the father of the nation was culpable of wrongdoing? Strikes, protest marches, rallies, debates in media, free speech and freedom of associaition ARE peaceful, democratic and constructive ways of making change in society. Go to any ‘democratic modern scientific’ western nations (which have matured in their democracies) and you will find all of these. What you actually want is a legitimised top down despotism but the politicians are there to serve the interests of the public not the other way. And also I wouldn’t mention ‘modern scientific societies’ as you are someone who believes in the Ramayana’s flying talking monkey kings and demons.

  3. Please flourish in a way where we don’t unnecessarily loose lives of our children trying to fight the existing world order .

    • The Sikhs always fight the existing world order when it is unjust – you would still be living under the Mughals and British if they did not. Guru Nanak fought against the Brahmanical status quo by refusing to take the thread when he came of age and meeting and eating with the so called untouchable. Guru Gobind Singh created the Khalsa to oppose Mughal tyranny and because of that the Sikhs slammed shut the door to the Khyber pass and rescue Hindu girls being abducted away to Afghanistan. They did the same thing in opposing British tyranny – Kartar Singh Sarabha et al. The Sikhs always flourish when they give no thought to the supreme sacrifice required to oppose injustice and your contention that they should just keep their mouths shut and heads down to spare their children doesn’t hold water. Two Sikh jawans have been murdered by the police in Punjab for doing nothing other than protesting beadbi of our Guru. Our future generations are losing their lives right now by having their very ground water stolen away and polluted with uranium and are menaced by ethnic cleansing scaled drug epidemic. ‘Our’ children are not safe by the Sikhs keeping their heads in the ground as their backsides are whipped. Good governance always comes from opposing the status quo of the morally corrupt and as Mahatma Gandhi reminded Indians when faced with the daunting prospect of opposing the existing world order of British Raj: ‘There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail. Think of it: always.’

  4. Lets talk about religious extremists – RSS – and its agents who are they? attacking minorities and I think you need to look at the Sikh Religion very closely and learn about about tolerance = may be just may be you RSS agents hinduvata learn something….. you will not, you only learn about what the money and elephant alike animals gods teach you. Sikhi will flourish alwayss…..

  5. First rule of law “One is innocent till proven guilty”. It seems in Punjab if you are a sikh you are automatically guilty. Another life damaged.May waheguru give the family strength and courage to fight this tyranny.

  6. The gov treats the sikhs as if they are of different country and they have just occupied the land by force that’s why they are treating sikhs worst than the rulers of India before 1947. Our grand parents used to say the british rule was better than this rule. These rulers could not find new ways to rule, their minds are still under the slavery thinking. Police is behaving like animals without heart & brain.

  7. So so disgusting – Badals and India you want to compete with Western Countries – than learn how criminals are treated here. Punjab Police and Badals you are no sikhs you should die with shame.
    My heart goes to Jaspreet Singh and co-accused together with his family. Captain Amrinder Singh its our humble request please protect our youth from being taken by this butcher government nothing but mahants – perhaps worse!!

  8. We need to teach our children about the voyages that await them into distant galaxies and universes
    We must not let them destroy there lives fighting the earthly Nations as all of them will perish in 4 billion years from now.

    • We need to teach our police that they have no right whatsover to abuse their power and will be held accountable for committing torture against the citizen. Our children are not safe because goonda law prevails and you support such criminality in uniform so long as it is directed against Sikhs. As for your constant jabbering about travels to galaxies – which isn’t possible – I extend my offer again to start a fund to send you up into space alongwith all your Hinduvta brethren. We will have to ensure any planet you land on is uninhabited lest your superiority instincts kick in and you start thinking the ‘native aliens’ of that land too are also deserving of torture and systematic injustice for being the ‘other’.

      • We need to morph into SPACE FARING people.
        We must not unnecessarily get into conflicts until it is thrust on us.
        India is our home land and we need to learn the art of peaceful co existence.

      • Not ‘we’ but ‘you’ (Hinduvta supporters) need to learn the concept of peaceful coexistence. Sikhs learned this centuries ago and have been practising for centuries also.

    • Sikhs are NOT religious extremists as Sikhi is a progressive religion which preaches tolerance for all other people recognising them as being all having been made by the one same Waheguru. The historical evidence of the Khalsa Raj also shows what happens when Sikhs gain power – the egalitarian ethos that runs through Sikh doctrine put a Muslim into the Chancellor of exchequer and Hindu Dogras into foreign and home secretary posts as well as financial patronage towards mosques and mandirs. The only religious extremists that are a clear and present danger to India are those who subscribe to Hinduvta.


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