WATCH: Interview with 100 Years Old Human Rights Activist Who Died Awaiting Justice

    Chaman Lal: A Father’s Crusade (w: English Subtitles)
    Watch this video on YouTube.

    In this video, Chaman Lal, the 100 years old human rights activist describes how innocent youth were abducted, brutally tortured and murdered by the Punjab Police in the 1990s.  This interview was recorded by the Punjabi Radio USA just months before Chaman Lal passed away.  Punjabi Radio USA is a prominent media organization based out of North America.

    As an effort to raise awareness about struggles of Punjabi families and their plight for human rights, several Sikh media organizations are releasing this interview jointly today.

    Sikh24 had earlier published about the passing away of Chaman Lal.  While he passed away awaiting justice, his voice must never be silenced.  All human rights activists must join hands and preserve Chaman Lal’s legacy.  

    Chaman Lal’s story was not an isolated incident.  Just like the extra-judicial murder of his son Gulshan, thousands of such killings were carried out in cold blood by the Punjab police to invoke animosity between Sikh and Hindu communities.  While Sikh youth were eliminated in large numbers, a large number of Hindu families were also affected as their kin were killed to put blame on Sikh organizations. 


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