Pinky Files Affidavit As Formal Witness Against Police Who Killed Punjab Youth Over Last 30 Years

PinkyCHANDIGARH, Punjab—In a petition moved in the Punjab & Haryana High Court via counsel Rajwinder Singh Bains to bring extra judicial massacres of Sikh youth under record, former cat turned Police cop Gurmeet Pinky has filed an affidavit that he is ready to depose in Court against the police officers responsible for fake encounters.

The niece of Shaheed Bhagat Singh is learnt to be among the petitioners.

Expressing danger to his life, Gurmeet Pinky has demanded security from the Court under a witness protection program, facilitated in law.

Pinky has stated that he concrete certain of his statements given in various interviews.

Pinky has asserted in the affidavit that he was witness to the abduction, illegal detention, inhuman torture and staged encounters of innocent Sikh youth by Police officers. He has added that all this was done at the behest of senior police officers.

Due to winter vacations, a hearing on the petition is expected to be held on January 5, 2016 before Justice Rajesh Bindal.

It is noteworthy that in interviews with journalist Kanwar Sandhu, Pinky had made many shocking revelations about the extra-judicial activities of Punjab police during the so-called militancy period. He had stated that SSP Ajit Sandhu was extensively pressurized by the former DGP KPS Gill to assassinate Advocate Jaswant Singh Khalra. He had also revealed that the family of Bhai Balwinder Singh Jatana was assassinated by Ajit Poohla at the behest of Sumedh Saini.



  1. The Nirankaris are a heretical sect which were first supported by the British in their divide and rule policy to try and neuter the Sikhs pre-independence. Indira Gandhi resurrected this policy for exactly the same nefarious reason during the 1970s as her Congress Party could not overhaul the Sikh political party at that time the Akali Dal through the ballot box. The Sikhs had been peacefully demanding their rights from Independence in 1947 as it became clearer that Nehru having wooed / bamboozled Master Tara ISngh and SIkh leadership into siding with India (instead of Pakistan or re-establishing their own sovereign Sikh state such as the Khalsa Raj of Maharajah Ranjit Singh which encompassed territory from Kashmir, Punjab (north of the Sutlej) and lands up to the Khyber) had no intention of honouring promises made. This lack of faith from Nehru led to the Anandpur Sahib Resolutions to address Sikh grievances over two decades before Bhindranwale even came on the scene although you are correct to note that the murders of innocent SIkhs by the state sponsored and protected Nirankaris led to Sikh backlash. You are incorrect however to continually raise spectre of Empire’s armies – the British Empire was and is dead and had no involvement whatsover in oppressing Sikhs in Punjab during the 1970s, 1980s or 1990s. As for the American EMpire, the worst you can say is that they remained quite when they knew the extent of human righst violations by both Indira and Rajiv Gandhi’s Congress Governments (as revealed in Snowden’s leaks of US Embassy cables during those times). The fact that the State and PUnjab Government made Punjab into a police state is not excusable by saying that the human rights and civil rights abuses that then then subsequently ensued against the SIkhs was inevitable (as whenever governments create police states such abuses occur) as those politicians, those police officers, those army personnel, those judges et al were all fellow Indian citizens and should have treated Sikhs as their brothers. The sadistic and illegal treatment the SIkhs were subjected to (the legacy of which continues to this very day) is not excusable and those who enaged in it should be brought to book not because of the Geneva conventions (which apply to war combatants) but because of human rights violations and crimes against humanity.

  2. It was the most botched up era 1980-1990 in Punjab’s history.
    The main player being Jarnail Singh Bhinderwla ,Indira Gandhi Nirankaris,
    1) 1978 : The Nirankaris provoke Sikhs by an unnecessary Baisakhi killings .

    2) The Sikhs reattribute by launching a militancy movement through Bhinderwla and his followers with killing of Innocent People .

    3) The Punjab and Indian state transforms into a Police state with all these
    :–abduction, illegal detention, inhuman torture and staged encounters of innocent Sikh youth by Police officers.

    It is a standard operating procedure adopted world over .When ever insurgency breaks up any where in the Realm of Empire

    The Police quells it and
    if it fails
    The National Army Quells it
    and if it fails
    The Empires Army Quell it .

    In War the old dictum always will play it out irrespective of Geneva convections

    “All is fair in love and war “


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