PICTORIAL: New York Sikhs Rally For Human Rights

Courtesy: Harjot Singh Pannu


  1. Dear M Singh

    Let me give a suggestion

    All the Sikhs in Universe and in future should each year put an appeal for justice in all Courts of the World for Justice .

    Infinite times .

    Our motto should be

    ” Justice delayed is not Justice denied ,it is Justice Achieved”



    • 31+ years appeals for justice is not long enough for you? You want that suffering to carry on until all the victims (legal complainants) have passed away so when their petition is finally admitted to the court there i no case to answer because even the accused had died in their old age. That kind of confidence trick only works on the subservient minded so cannot be used on the Sikhs. We are not appealing for justice, we are demanding it.

    • RSS Harinder is spouting his astrology / astral projection rubbish again. I suppose someone who doesn’t care about human rights and bringing criminals to book for their crimes against humanity (Eichmann was arrested and tried how many years after his involvement in the final solution against the Jews he helped to murder?) has to occupy his little mind with something absurd. Good thing the RSS is full of such like minded simpletons.

  2. America Sikhs please stop wasting your time for the by gone events of 1980- 1990 .
    Time to move on boldly.

    We all face a major crisis in future of our Nation.

    This planet Earth is going to burn up in 4 Billion Years from now including the Indian Punjab with its Golden Temple and Akal Takth on it .


    We have a major task to “Resurrect ” multiple Punjab’s in different parts of Universes like

    1) “SPACE” and
    3) “Different Planets ”
    4) ‘Different Galaxies ”
    5) Parallel Universes

    • Sikhs do not forget abuses and injustices done to them. Even in our daily prayers we remember Chhōtā Ghallūghārār (lesser holocaust) and Vaddā Ghallūghārā (greater holocaust) which cost over 7000 SIkhs to be massacred. How dare you tell us now to ‘forget’ the slaughter of Sikhs from 1984 onwards. ‘Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it’.

      • Then by your logic NY Sikhs should ask Justice for all 3 genocides the Nation has undergone till now

        1) Wada Ghallu ghara
        2) Chotta Ghaluugara
        3) 1984 Gallu ghara

      • It is not just as you put it NY Sikhs. Sikhs are a nation unto themselves – we cannot be divided by countries because our sovereignty lies in our religious faith. The Chhōtā Ghallūghārār (lesser holocaust) and Vaddā Ghallūghārā (greater holocaust) happened under the reign of the Moghuls / Afghan during 1746 and 1762. As such they have become historical events because all those involved (alongwith the Pashtun / Durrani /Moghul regime) have perished with the passage of over two hundred years so one cannot seek redress and justice. Logically one can however seek justice in the instance ofthe 1984 State sponsored genocidal pogrom against Sikhs because the lifetime of the event (31 years and counting) is still current with both victims, perpetrators and the State still existing to be held accountable. the genocide of 1984 will join the two previous Sikh holocausts in the liturgical remembrance effectively when the last Sikh victim dies having not received justice and then that wound will never be healed resulting in at best a wariness towards the Hindu just as much as Sikhs have a wariness towards Muslims because of their past behaviour towards us. 31 years have passed and Sikhs remember the genocide of 1984 (and onwards) – there is still time to heal this wound but the clock is ticking.


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