EXCLUSIVE: Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa’s Son Asks Punjab Government to Shun Vendetta Politics

LUDHIANA, Punjab—Following letter has been written to the Punjab Government by Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa’s son Ravinder Jeet Singh Gogi.  Gogi is a US citizen who was also detained unlawfully by the Punjab Government along with his father.  Gogi went through physical torture whilst in police custody.  He is being denied permission to leave India even though he is a citizen of the United States of America.

Following is translation of the letter by Bhai Gogi –

From many days, Badal led Punjab government is appealing the Punjab Congress’ head Captain Amarinder Singh to avoid revenge politics and work for the well-being of Punjab. But here I want to question the Badal government what it has done for my father Jathedar Surat Singh Khalsa who is fighting against violation of human rights in India.  My father has been on continuous hunger strike since January 16.  From November 30, doctors have even stopped injection of liquid supplements into my father’s body due to accumulation of water that could prove fatal anytime.

Ravinder Jeet Singh Gogi, along with his daughter, accompany Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa at the Ludhiana based DMC Hospital

The Badal government has leveled false charges against me in revenge (for overseeing the health of my father) and I am not being allowed to return back to the United States, my home country.  Two months ago when I tried to return back, I was sent back from the Delhi airport due to restrictions imposed by the FRRO (Foreign Regional Registration Offices) department. My two little children are of the age to join school but I am continuously being hindered from moving back to my country by the Punjab government. Government is pressurizing me to force my father to give up his struggle for the release of the political Sikh prisoners.  Punjab Government is however forgetting that if brutal atrocities on my family couldn’t make my father bow his head then how can they make him give up his struggle by inhibiting me from going back to my home country?

If the government would have understood the meaning of “well-being of humanity”, it might not have murdered my sister’s husband Satwinder Singh Bhola. Crossing all limits, the Akali Dal (Badal) murdered my bother-in-law Satwinder Singh Bhola on August 16 leaving my sister widowed, orphaning his three children and emptying lap of an old aged mother. I can’t express the pain my family had to undergo after murder of my sister’s husband Satwinder Singh Bhola. But still my father (Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa) did not give up his struggle.

At last, I would like to ask Chief Minister Parkash Badal and Deputy Chief Minister Sukhbir Badal to look at their own doings and stop misusing the administrative powers against me in revenge. Administrative powers will not be statically yours; people of Punjab might oust you in upcoming assembly elections of 2017.

I can’t trust this bureaucracy, but still hope that they will not commit atrocities on me in revenge and allow me to ensure that my children are able to pursue their education in the US.

Guru Panth Da Das,
Ravinder Jeet Singh Gogi
(son, Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa)

Editors’ Note: Investigation in the murder of Satwinder Singh Bhola is currently undergoing in the United States.  Bhola was murdered outside his apartment building by unidentified assailants in August 2015.


  1. Shame……shame. I wonder why our people cant see it, and dont oust them political, but i guess the greed in the society dont let them see all the misdeeds of badals, and all his affiliates.


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