BREAKING: City of Kerman in California Recognizes 1984 anti-Sikh Violence as “Genocide”

Fresno, CA, USA—The city of Kerman, located close to Fresno, in Central Valley, California, has officially recognized the 1984 anti-Sikh violence in India as a “Genocide”.  The campaign to get the resolution passed by the City Council of Kerman was launched by Sikhs for Justice.

The resolution passed yesterday recognizes that “November 1984 violence against Sikh lives, properties and places of worship throughout India, was carried out with intent to destroy the Sikh community and was thus “Genocide” as defined under the laws of the United States and the UN Genocide Convention of 1948″.

The resolution further calls upon the President of the United States and the US Congress to pass a similar resolution.  It is notable that a number of Congressmen in the country have already individually recognized the 1984 violence against the Sikhs.

Kerman is home to a large Sikh population, where some of the earliest settlers from Punjab are still living.  Most of the Sikhs own farming land in the city.  There is one Gurdwara Sahib named “Gurdwara Anandgarh Sahib”.

Copy of the resolution is being provided below –


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