Manjit Singh GK Faces Wrath of Delhi Sikh Sangat; Forced to Leave Darbar Sahib

Manjit Singh GK Faces Wrath of Delhi Sikh Sanggat
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NEW DELHI—Earlier today, Sikh Sangat protested against Delhi Shiromani Gurdwara Management Committee president Manjit Singh GK.  GK was addressing the Sikh Sangat of Tilak Vihar when they refused to listen to his speech and started reciting “Satnam Waheguru”.  Despite peaceful dissent by the Sangat, GK continued his speech and praised the Akali Dal (Badal).

GK was here to address the victim families of 1984 Sikh genocide as an effort to rebuild relationships with the Sikh community.  Akali Dal leaders have been attempting to use the anniversary of 1984 Sikh pogroms in Delhi to elevate the party’s image.  However, just like the Akali Dal leaders are facing protests by the Sikh Sangat in Punjab, GK too had to face humiliation as the widows and children of 1984 Sikh genocide martyrs refused to hear him speak.

The protest against Manjit GK has caused a major blow to the entire Akali Dal.  He is a senior leader of the party in Delhi.


  1. The current regime both Political and Religious in Punjab must be forced to resign as they have tarnished the image of the Sikhs. Since 1925, they have achieved nothing for the Sikh Nation except their own self-interest, ego and amassing ill-gotten assets. The Sikh Diaspora should boycott them.


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