BREAKING: Sikh and Hindu Youth who Protested Against Gurbani Sacrilege Severely Tortured

Narinder Singh Khusropur (France) - arrested and tortured in Punjab
Narinder Singh Khusropur (France) – arrested and tortured in Punjab

KAPURTHLA, Punjab—The Punjab Police have beaten and electrocuted 18 individuals who took it upon themselves to express their grievance in front of Jagir ‘Kaur’, the ex-SGPC President and member of the Badal’s Shromani Akali Dal Party.

A French national, Narinder Singh Khusropur (President of the Akali Dal Amritsar from France), a young Hindu man and 22 other Sikhs were arrested after witnesses say the police and guards of Jagir Kaur deliberated smashed her car after the protesters left, to give cause for arrest.

The 22 have been arrested under 307 FIRs, referring charges of attempted murder after first being accused of damaging cars.

The individuals have now met with family members to express their high spirits, despite describing days of severe beatings and electric shocks applied to their genitals, which have now rendered them physically immobile. 

The arrested Hindu youth, Ajay Kumar of Muhabbatt Nagar,  has also reassured his parents that they protested peacefully and have been falsely accused. He has asked his parents to remain strong and support him in sticking up for the truth.

FIR Copies:


  1. Please go ahead and protest .
    Indian Govt is not a Mughal Govt.

    Let me advise you .
    You are subjected to the law of every Nation you decide to live in including India and may be even on Mars some day.

    Disobeying Law of any Nations will invite response from the Guardians of that Nations law the Police and the Army.

  2. So we should accept submission to the Indian state, and that’s it? Were the Gurus and Sikh shaheeds wrong or right to protest against the Mughal state?

  3. Don’t disobey the laws of any Nation where ever you may live .
    Police and Army are the Guardians of the Law and Constitution of that particular Nation.
    You will land up loosing your loved ones as you did in 1980-1990 violent era .

  4. Right to Peaceful assembly or Protest is not a automatic Right .
    It is given by the govt of the day.
    The security apparatus of any state is powerful enough to Keep people
    Don’t disobey the Police or Army of any Nation where ever you may live on this planet including Indian Punjab.
    They are the Guardians of the Law .
    It will lead to sad consequences as seen above and in 1980-1990 violent Punjab era.


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