Poll: Should Narendra Modi Receive an Honorary Degree When He Arrives in the UK?

LONDON, UK—While nearly 40 MPs have asked David Cameron to discuss human rights violations in India with Narendra Modi during his upcoming visit to the UK, there are also plans to honour the India PM with an honorary degree.  

A motion was signed by 40 MPs to discuss a number of important issues, including the release of political prisoners held outside of their sentences, atrocities in Kashmir, ban on the documentary “India’s Daughter” and arrest of an activist named Priya Pillai. 

Asian Lite News reported that Mr Keith Vaz, the longest serving MP of Asian origin, has written to the Vice Chancellors of Leicester University and De Montfort University nominating Narendra Modi for an honorary degree.

There is a poll on Twitter asking people for their opinion.  What do you think?


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