My father has been taken from His home.
Disrespected, beaten… his limbs torn apart.
Thrown in a canal when the thugs have mindlessly tortured Him.

My father has sacrificed Himself so that I wake up.
So that my whole family wakes up.
So that the whole world wakes up.
So that we realise there is no equality…
That we are second class citizens…
We are slaves.

My father shouldn’t have to have sacrificed Himself.
He saved the poor, the vulnerable, the weak.
Now the poor, vulnerable and weak have a bit of power, they decide to torture Him. Regularly.

My brothers and sisters have had enough.
They can’t see their beloved father,
who took them from being the lowest of the low and made them the highest of the high.
He put a crown on each of their heads.
He made everyone a king.
He treats everyone equally, He says everyone is royalty.
Every being regardless of race, gender, religion, is royalty.

My brothers and sisters walk out into the streets.
Their father has told them to remain calm.
To only use force when all other means have failed.
They sit peacefully in the street.
Peacefully protesting.
They all meditate and sing the prayers that Our Father has given them.

Hoping for change.
Hoping for peace.
Hoping to finally be treated as equals after 68 years of being a slave.

The thugs aren’t interested.
They’ve received orders from the mob bosses to beat, abuse and kill.
Don’t let them sit peacefully.
Force them to accept the abuse of their Father as the norm.
Make them understand that they’re powerless.

My brothers and sisters are beaten.
Beaten with batons, fired at with water cannons, fired at… With bullets.
They sit peacefully and are fired at… With bullets.

Some of my brothers and sisters are old and frail.
They don’t know what to do.
They’re beaten severely, so bad that they lose their sight.

Some of my brothers and sisters are young.
They had their whole lives ahead of them.
Bullets rain down into the bodies.

They’re killed…
For peacefully protesting the desecration, disrespect and abuse of their Father.

Wake up.
Our Father is telling us to wake up.
It is time to break the shackles of slavery and unite under our Father.


  1. YES YES UNITE and make PANTHAK SaRKAR against these butchers and drag out these badlu and nicker wearers jansangis from punjab who have forgotten the GREAT SHAHIDI of SRI GURU TEG BAHADUR ji WHO saved India otherwise yu all wud have been muslims cleaning shoes of succesers of aurengjeb . IT IS COZ OF GURU JI YU are PM or CM touring foreign countries suited booted and slaining the children of same GREAT GURU “kRITGANO tuhade par nal tarti v ro rahi ha(mother EARTH is weeping with yur burden)


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