BREAKING NEWS: The Five Takht ‘Jathedars’ Reverse Pardon of Ram Rahim

Akal Takhat LetterAMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—In an unprecedented turn of events, ‘Jathedar’ Gurbachan Singh has announced that the decision to formally forgive Gurmeet Ram Rahim has been rescinded.

The letter reveals that four Jathedars of the Punjab Takhts convened, with the fifth Jathedar from Hazur Sahib, conferring over the phone.

During the meeting, it was agreed that due to the whole panth (Sikh nation) firmly disagreeing with the decision to grant a pardon to Ram Rahim, the decision should be overturned.

This decision has now officially been taken today.

The surprising turn of events will now be scrutinized by the rest of the panth as the Jathedars appear to scramble for any last pieces of respect that they can hold on to. Sikhs from all quarters, including nearly all prominent preachers, condemned the original pardoning from two weeks ago. The move was seen as a failure of the Jathedars, with all faith being lost in their leadership.




  1. We need to find a smart guy to find the right equation between the following Variables.

    1) Sikh People( All over the world) -x
    2) SGPC – y
    3) Akali Dal- z
    4) SGPC – z

    Then there wont be any such confusion.

    • Sikh Sangat is great…… These Jathedars must go!! Our brothers had to lose lives and disabled for life before they could make the right decision. Sanghrash is still continuing… until badal government is out

      • Your brain is very limited just like a typical RSS terrorist.

        Ever heard of the Internet? What’s stopping Sikhs in Canada/UK/USA/etc. from voting? Maybe your impotent RSS thugs can’t reach them? In fact, they don’t even need the Internet. Voting can be done in main Gurdwaras all over the globe in all countries across the globe.

        What will your eunuch terrorist Master Modi do, shut down the Internet in Punjab? Maybe that will fit in well with his “Digital India” initiative lol?

        Khalistan Zindabad!


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