Treatment Continues for Bhai Rajoana at Rajindra Hospital in Patiala

PATIALA, Punjab—Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana who was admitted at Rajindra Hospital in Patiala on October 8 is said to be in critical condition.  His treatment has continued since he was admitted at the hospital following severe abdominal pain.  At the time he was brought to the hospital, Bhai Rajoana was facing abdominal pain and has been vomiting since past several days.  Primary blood tests of Bhai Rajoana had revealed that the platelet (blood cell) count has been fallen dramatically.

Medical Officer at Rajindra Hospital Dr. B.L. Bharadwaj said that following stabilization in Bhai Rajoana’s condition, he would be transferred to the PGIMER (Post Graduate Institute of Medical Science) for further treatment soon. He maintained that low platelet count in blood is symptom of dengue.

Bhai Rajoana has been kept under strict security measures.  Only his sister Bibi Kamaldeep Kaur and sister-in-law Bhai Baljit Singh were allowed to visit him.  Bibi Kamaldeep Kaur alleged that Bhai Rajoana has not been able to digest food from some days.

On the other hand, Jail Officer Gurcharan Singh Dhaliwal has refuted allegations leveled by Bibi Kamaldeep Kaur. He asserted that not only Bhai Rajoana instead two other death row convicts are also detained at the Patiala jail. He also maintained that food is properly checked before being served to the convicts.  


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