Pakistan Enforces New Rules For Sikhs

Nankana-Sahib“Pakistani Sikhs will now have to take prior permission from Pakistan Gurdwara Sikh Parbandhik Committee (PSGPC) to leave the country,” says Saddiqul Farooq, Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) Chairman.

“We want to include PGSPC to have a complete record of the Pakistani Sikhs leaving the country for pilgrimage,” he said without giving reasons for taking this step.

Figures from the ETPB say that this effects the whole population of Sikhs in Pakistan, which is around 100,000.

Farooq further said two separate committees have been constituted headed by PGSPC pardhan (president) Sardar Sham Singh and member Punjab Assembly Ramash Singh Arora, respectively, to look into the proposed legislation related to Sikh marriages and Parbhandhik Committee.

The ETPB, which looks after the affairs and upkeep of the minority holy places, in the country has also announced construction of a residential apartment near the Gurdwara Taru Singh in Lahore.



  1. Interference by mullas into Sikh affairs should be tolerated. We are going to ask muslims living in Punjab to take permission from special constituted committees before they leave home


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