Giani Nandgarh: BJP Is Intolerant of Minority Religions in India

2014-11-13- nandgarhCHANDIGARH, Punjab—In a statement shared with Sikh24, Jathedar Balwant Singh Nandgarh has stated that the communal Bharatiya Janata Party cannot tolerate the existence of minority religions in its regime.  He said that while BJP has continued its attacks on Muslims and Christians directly, the pro-Hindutva organization was looking to eliminate the existence of Sikhs by merging the former within the Hindu fold.

Commenting on the current incidents in Jammu, Jathedar Nandgarh stated that the police tore the posters of Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale on the instructions of ruling BJP government. He said that the abrupt firing on Sikhs resulting in martyrdom of Bhai Jashjeet Singh had exposed the communal agenda of the BJP government.

Jathedar added that he had been suggesting the Akalis to detach from the BJP since 2005.  He stated that “the leaders who are greedy for power and fame care less about Sikh principles”.  Jathedar Nandgarh added, ” The Sikh Sangat of Jammu had consistently observed martyrdom anniversaries from two decades, but as the BJP government received domination in Jammu & Kashmir, it has started suppressing voice of minorities.”

“By firing upon the Sikhs, Government had made us feel that we are second class citizen in this country,” he added.

Jathedar maintained that if the Akalis are true towards Sikhi, they should pressurize the BJP government to take strict action against the police personnel of Jammu.


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