Napal Earthquake Relief Continues; Sikh Relief Teams Reach Remote Regions

KATHMANDU, Nepal—As relief by the coalition of Sikh organizations continues in Nepal, the teams are setting up tents and temporary shelter in remote regions. Each village has different needs and requirements, so teams fill their vans and trucks with medication, food supplies, water, shelter equipment so no matter where they go they are well equipped with what is required.

A pattern is emerging that efforts outside of Kathmadu are rare, every village the Sikh team has been to in the last day have all reported that they have not received any form of aid or assistance from anyone else.

Hence there are now two teams with the sole purpose to find and help villages that have not yet been reached.

While other teams are maintaining Langar set up at Gurdwara Lalitpur in Kathmandu where there is a constant queue from start to finish.

Also continuing with local medical camps and aid distribution in Kathmandu.






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