RSS Wants Taj Mahal To Be Changed to “Lord Shiva Temple”

After Demolishing Babri Masjid, Hindutva Elements Target Taj Mahal

AGRA, UP, India—Creating a fresh controversy, a law suit has been filed by the Rashtriya Swamsevak Sangh asking the Government to rename the Taj Mahal to “Lord Shiva Temple”.  The law suit claims that the entire temple was the seat of Lord Agreshwar Mahadev Naagnatheshwar, and that the property belonged to the deity.

The lawsuit states that the Taj Mahal is not the burial ground of  and has never been so in the past.  “If any burials exist underneath the Taj Mahal, they should be removed,” stated the RSS lawyers.

RSS lawyers have asked the Agra court to ban worship by the Muslims and instead allow Hindus to perform rituals for Lord Shiva.

“Any worship at Taj Mahal for purposes other than Shiva ‘pooja’ should be declared unlawful,” they asked.


  1. kya Rss ke log paghal ho gaye ya in salo ka dimagh kharab ho gaya hai aaj taj mehal ko nishana bana raha hai kal kahenge effil tower hamare hanuman devta ka mandir hai hosh mein aa jao hishtory nahi badli ja sakti

  2. mughe sabhi logo se appeal hai is trah ki bato me na aaye Ku ki ye sab political issues hai is me aam logo ka nuksan hai , isse hamari rozi roti nahi chalne wali , ye sab dharm ka due upyog hai isse kuch nahi hasil hoga

  3. The BJP govt.came in power just showing a false dream with fake promises and fooling people just to get vote and form a far nothing is delivered after its 1 year.but not bothered of devolopment for the country but bussy in spreading hate and comunanl problems.this is only their main intention. As its clear that BJP is a name sake but it runs by RSS.people voted for devoploment and a change but niw can be seen its worst then the british Govt.people needs a peacefull life end of curruption and and a resonable prices and petrol costs.but its opposite even rapes are high.whatever crimes done from Bjp MP or memebers no action taken on them just dodge question when asked and leave it for investigation and close the matter.this govt encourage fake sant like shakshi Maharaj.yogi athithya.and action on them since they are Bjp MP.PM still sayhe is agaist comunql but why then its not stoped?? Is that the PM scared of MP,s.this shows clear that this Govt. Itslef currupted Making India as Hindu they think in doing this people who suffer from the currupten food and problems faceing will end??

  4. It is no wonder that this type of issue arraisi gby the RSS and BJP.after they had attacked mosque,Churches.and they even not spared Noble award winner Mother Terressa and the most shicking they even not spared the freedom fighter and Father of Nation Gandiji for attacking and said Nathuram Godsi is a Desh bhakt who killed Mahatma Gandi whos name is on the Indian currency as he is called as Mahatma For his deeds to the Nation.after the BJP govt has come into power these all issue arraised and the woke up.and the Modi govt. Is silence on this matter since he encourage this type of comunal far as this goes on the country is facing a serious issue towards destroying the peace and dividing the country which lead to harm the nation and citizens.terrorists are not anywhere else when the ruling party itslef acts to support this.a seriuous action should be taken before it continues to destroy the peace and the country

  5. Froofs can be created. Judges can be booked. Lawers can be hired. Apublic oppinion can be buit. Beurocrats can be taken into the loop. Anything can be done. Why do you worry. It is to dominate over a whole muslim community. Not sikhs

  6. Are there any strong proof of it being true. Does it mean wat we hv been thought in schools is not true!!
    What is the point in doing this?
    More than positive it may seems to give out a higher negative effect.
    Suprizing the govt doesnt hv anything to say or do??
    Wake up!!


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