Sikh Farmers Targeted in Gujrat Leaving One Injured

BATHINDA, Punjab—Some culprits related to the ruling party in district Bhuj attacked Sikh farmers in village Loria. Farmer Jagjit Singh got injured in this attack while the others managed to save their lives with much difficulty. The attackers destroyed the two cars of Sikh farmers. It is notable that Gujrat is a birth place of Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi and BJP is ruling in Gujrat.


Sikh Farmers with their broken Cars

Two farmer brothers, Jaswinder Singh and Harwinder Singh of village Pitho of Bathinda, were surveying the land in village loria of Gujrat. The two brothers said that Gujrat Government is surveying the land in District Kachh and they also went there in this context.

When they were about to return, the BJP leader and former Sarpanch of the village attacked them with a crowd of violent culprits.  

Farmer Angrej Singh informed that the culprits broke the rear glass of his car and also the glasses of a Maruti Car. Amandeep Singh of Kotakpura informed that the Bhuj Police didn’t provide them security despite a written request. Jagtar Singh of Village Kauni said that the culprits are doing so with intention of acquiring their agriculture land.  

According to collected information, Gujrat government has allotted the work of computerization of agriculture land to a private firm. Today two workers of this private firm Anand and Jeeta Ram were surveying the land of Punjabi farmers. They also saved themselves with difficulty.

It is noteworthy that Sikh farmers and other minorities are being targeted in Gujrat from the day the BJP under leadership of Narendra Modi started ruling Gujrat. Minorities like Muslims, Christians and Sikhs are being continuously targeted in Gujrat by the fanatic workers of BJP and RSS.


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