A Family Steeped in Sacrifice: The Panth Stands with the Varpal Family

2014-10-10- karmjit singh varpalPUNJAB, india—Karamjit Singh Varpal has witnessed three of his brothers being killed at the hands of the Punjab police. In 1990 his elder brothers, Hardev Singh and Bachittar Singh, were killed by police in fake encounters and in 2010 his brother Kulwant Singh was the victim of brutal torture when he was arrested and thrown into Amritsar Jail. Two years later, Kulwant Singh was mysteriously set alight in his prison cell,  andhe died a few days after from the third degree burns. The police classed Kulwant Singh’s death as ‘suicide’ but his family knew the truth as Kulwant Singh had told them “I was set on fire by attackers, I didn’t try to kill myself, instead someone tried to burn me alive.”

With the sangat’s support, Sikh Relief have stood by the Varpal family, setting up a pension welfare for their elderly mother Surjit Kaur, who in her lifetime has endured the pain of the death of three sons. Unfortunately, for Mata Surjit Kaur this pain was unbearable and she too passed away some eight months later. Our support continued when the Varpal family home, which was in a desperate state of disrepair, was rebuilt. Furthermore, we have been funding the full time education of Amandeep Kaur (neice of Kulwant Singh).

Now, we are pleased to announce that a ‘take-away’ food store is currently being built for Karamjit Singh. This will enable him to earn a living and provide for his family through his own hard work. Although we cannot bring back the family members Karamjit Singh has lost, we can show him and the Varpal family that the worldwide Sikh sangat stands with them.



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