Swaranjit Singh Khalsa Raises Awareness About 1984 Sikh Genocide in Connecticut, USA

2014-09-19_photo-2CONNECTICUT, USA—State Senator Catherine Osten of the Democratic Party, who is also Chair of Planning & Development and member of Labor & Public Employees; Public Safety & Security, was invited to the Norwich area clergy association meeting where she provided all major updates about what bills she is working on and all the good work done by her in her constituency.

Catherine A. Osten is an American politician and a Democratic member of the Connecticut Senate representing District 19 since January 9, 2013. Osten was a three term First Selectman from Sprague.

Swaranjit Singh Khalsa, member of Sikh Sewak Society International, was also present and updated everyone on the projects that the Sikh community is working on. 

Khalsa mentioned the “National Sikh Campaign” in which the Sikh community is spending 5 million dollars to promote awareness about Sikhs, with the aim of preventing further hate crimes. 

 As the  Sikh community has this year also commemorated the 30th anniversary of the 1984 Sikh massacre, Khalsa also made everyone aware about Sikh genocide.

Catherine Osten told Swaranjit Singh that she will be happy to come if he organizes and memorial service in honor of those who had lost their lives for the Sikh struggle.

In this meeting many major issues relating to the community were discussed, such as transportation, public safety, health, and special needs.


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