New Android App Aims to Help Understand Gurbani Meanings

2014-08-28_appNEW YORK, US—A new application has been released for the Android platform which helps to understand the meanings of Gurbani phrases. The app makers of “What’s the Meaning?” hope that their endeavor will help the users in understanding the meaning of different words in Gurbani, thus being helpful in understanding the meaning of  the complete tuk.

The app is designed as a quiz, where users are presented with 4 options to choose from. After every question, the app explains the meaning of the word and the complete Gurbani Tuk in English and Punjabi. Every correct answer adds to your score. Each quiz asks 10 questions. At the end of each quiz, it shows all the questions asked in the quiz along with their English and Punjabi meanings for the user to refer to again.

App can be downloaded at this link.


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