Haryana Assembly Polls: Cracks in HSGMC over seats for Sikhs

Amrinder Singh Arora
Amrinder Singh Arora

KAITHAL, Haryana—Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (HSGMC) member Amarinder Singh Arora has demanded 15 Assembly seats from the Congress in upcoming elections.  The demand has unearthed fissures in the ad-hoc HSGPC committee.

On Tuesday, representatives of Sikh organisations supporting the HSGMC met in Karnal and sought 15 seats in order to send representatives of Sikhs in the Assembly in adequate number.

Jagdish Singh Jhinda
Jagdish Singh Jhinda

In contrast to the demand by Arora, HSGMC president Jagdish Singh Jhinda said the committee has not sought tickets for Sikhs.  He told the press that, “The HSGMC has not discussed any such issue so far. Such demand is a big decision which can be taken only after a detailed discussion.”

Questioning Arora’s authority, Jhinda said, “He is an ordinary member of the HSGMC, and not state chief of its youth wing, as Arora has been claiming.”

When Arora was countered on this, he said in furious mood that Jhinda did not have the right to humiliate him by terming him an ordinary member and referred a letter claiming it was signed by Jhinda, proving his appointment as the state chief of the youth wing.

He said,”I will fight for the right of Haryana Sikhs. The path of confrontation will not deliver justice to the community. It is imperative to have a representation in the Assembly.”  He added, “I along with other members will meet Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda soon and will put the demand before him.”

On the other hand, Jhinda said he had not issued any appointment letter to Arora apprehending some letter might have been prepared on his own.


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