Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa Refuses to Join Haryana Gurdwara Committee

File Photo of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa
File Photo of Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa

KARNAL, Haryana, India—Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa, who had campaigned at Gurdwara Amb Sahib for the release of Sikh political prisoners has refused to join the separate Haryana Gurdwara Committee after invitations sent by the separate committee.

It has been learned that Bhai Gurbaksh Singh was offered to join the committee but refused on the basis that he was seeking unity in the Panth. He commented that he does not mind if a separate committee is formed in Haryana, however his goal was to unite the Khalsa Panth.

He said there was a need for religious leaders to follow the ideals of Sikhi and practice the lifestyle prescribed by the Sikh Gurus. He said the committee issue could have been resolved by taking all different factions in Sikhi into consideration and allowing different organizations to provide their input. He requested the appointed Jathedar of Sri Akal Takht Sahib not to prescribe hukamnamas under political pressure.

Bhai Gurbaksh Singh is organizing a march on August 10 from Gurdwara Amb Sahib to Sri Harmandir Sahib for the purpose of uniting the Panth.



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