Sikh Man Protests Kirpan Ban at Theater in USA

Example of a Kirpan that is worn by all Amritdhari Sikhs

Yuba City, California, USA—A Sikh man in Yuba City is protesting a movie theater after he was told he could not bring in his kirpan, or ceremonial dagger.

“They should be understanding that Sikhs are peace loving people and that we artist the article of our faith, that we are required to do that,” Gursant Singh said Friday.

Singh made headlines a few weeks ago for not being allowed into court for jury duty because of his dagger.

He was at the Cinemark theater Friday to see “Punjab 1984,” a new film about Sikhs in India during the 80s.

Singh says he follows the kirpan code of conduct strictly.

“We should always have it at our sides because it represents that we are willing to defend ourselves and defend those who can’t defend themselves,” he said.

Cinemark’s corporate office did not respond to FOX40′s request for comment before deadline, but the chains official policy regarding weapons of any kind is to prohibit anyone other than law enforcement from bringing them into a theater.

“I mean it’s their culture, and I mean I can understand that, but you have to look at the big picture, too,” moviegoer Maria Moreno said. “I mean, there’s family, there’s kids. You never know if someone can come from behind you, grab it.”

Other moviegoers say exceptions should be made for Sikhs, who make up about 15 percent of Yuba City’s population.


  1. There should be no special exemption, instead everyone should have the right to carry a weapon for self defense as is proscribed in the Bill of Rights. I support your rights to carry!


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