Supreme Authority of Akal Takht

Recently broke news on Sikh Council UK receiving authority from Akal Takath Sahib to take lead on matters relating to Sikhs in UK.

Today I received few negative messages from other Sikhs today regarding Akal Takht instructing Sikh Council UK to lead on UK issues. Many of us have conditioned ourselves into loathing the Akal Takht’s supremacy because of Jathedars, Badals etc.

Maybe I am naive but the way I see it is that the Akal Takht is controlled by Gurmat and it’s up to us honour and ensure that Gurmat prevails not Badal or any other personality.

If the Sikh respects Gurmat then he will honour Gurmat based decisions.
Human leadership is perishable and will be ash tomorrow. Akal Takht will stay forever. My interpretation is that as a Sikh my duty is to honour and ensure the integrity of Akal Takht is kept intact. Just because we feel the wrong people are in the administration of Akal Takht doesn’t mean we muddy the institute of Guru Hargobind Sahib. We can all be keyboard critics, YouTube parcharaks or internet Sants but we cannot influence unless we are within the Panthik framework that the Gurus set up for us. Even Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale honoured that.

If a room is dirty, we need to sweep up the litter and not keep highlighting that there’s litter on the floor. We have latched on to portraying our institutes as corrupt but are not producing a mechanism to restore the sanctity. If we have any Sikhi spirit then we need to spend whatever we have of our lives left to ensure the integrity of Sikhi which means getting back into our institutes and influencing from within.

When the time is right, if a revolution is meant to happen then Akal Purakh will show us but until then we need to have intercepted, built inroads and involved ourselves in the institutes so that we can at least facilitate a revolution.

Sitting on the sidelines as observing critics is just as dangerous as the corruption we criticise, if not worse…


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