Top 10 Reasons Sikh Children Become Apostate

Top Ten Reason Why Sikh Children Become Apostate
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1) Gurdwaras have become irrelevant

The youth do no not understand what is happening at the Gurdwara. Sunday Morning Gurdwara trips have become a useless ritual for much of the Youth. The Gurdwaras are not catering towards the youth and instead are busy making money to fill their pockets.



2) They’re not prepared for the world

And their faith is questioned once they leave the protection of their Parents. This causes them to believe that Sikhi is outdated among other things.



3) They aren’t taught why things are done in Sikhi, just told to follow without any explanation.

The Goodness Gracious Me Sikh Sketch
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4) Gurmat was not instilled in them from a young age.

Parents were too busy working. They weren’t told about Sikh history, the amount of Shaheeds we have and the many amazing Sakhis from our History.



5) Gurmukhi was not taught to them.

Learning Gurmukhi lays a foundation for falling love with Gurbani. If they aren’t taught how to read Gurbani how will they ever fall in love with it?



6) Sikhi is just taught to them as do’s and don’ts, they aren’t given an opportunity to fall in love with it.

Sikhi is all about Prem for Akaal Purakh. ਜਿਨ ਪ੍ਰੇਮ ਕੀਓ ਤਿਨ ਹੀ ਪ੍ਰਭ ਪਾਇਓ
bhai surjit singh

7) Their Sangat is not with Gursikhs.

Sangat plays a major role in our lives. It’s really hard for young Sikhs while in School to have sangat of smokers, drinkers womanizers and still remain strong in their Sikhi. While having Sangat of other Amritdharis, it becomes easier to stay strong in their Sikhi. Having a strong base of Sikh friends is necessary.

sikh children

sikh children 2


8) Lack of Pyaar from existing Sikhs.

Many times Sehajdharis and Kesdharis feel left out and do not feel welcome around Amritdhari Sangat.

A Sikh boy has a turban tied over his he


9) Infighting between Sikhs is not very inviting to those still not fully dedicated to the Faith.

Gurdwara Fight Richmond Hill New York 2011
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10) Drugs and alcohol.

Drugs and alcohol are a big problem for Sikh youth, especially in Punjab.


ਸੁਖ ਸਾਗਰੁ ਗੁਰੁ ਛਡਿ ਕੈ ਭਵਜਲ ਅੰਦਰਿ ਭੰਭਲਭੂਸੇ।
Leaving the Guru, the Pleasure Ocean, one tosses up and down in the world-ocean of delusions and deceptions.



hooka smoking


  1. Its true, my mum doesn’t let me eat meat on Tuesdays and Sundays yet I don’t know the reason why. Religion is like a buffet, you pick out what you want.

  2. Yes, I am an Apostate. But that is because I’ve renounced every religion I’ve come across after experiencing most of them. Don’t mistake me as an Atheist as I’m not one. I don’t believe in God, rather I believe in a Higher Power that is within all of us. I hate to tie myself down to a religion or a belief system. Infact, I don’t believe in a system.

    Now, on this post, I agree with points, 1, 3, 6, and 8. However, the rest are total rubbish. If there is one point that made me sort of alienate myself from the Sikh religion and its belief system, is the fact that I was never made at home or welcomed in the Gurdwara simply for the way I thought and lived.

    For a tiny yellow Buddhist string tied around my wrist, many would question it. I’m fine with questions, but not to the extent of being mocked for my beliefs. There are difference between genuine curiosity based questions and questions asked for the sake of sarcasm. I have a Sanskrit tattoo of a Hindu mantra on my right wrist, many have scorned me for it too. I have a stone pendant, again, many elders have questioned me. But that does not make me a lesser Sikh and Punjabi. At home, we have an altar, and I have made it a point to place a photo of my first Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak. Ofcourse, along with his photo, are photos of other religious Masters too, Sai Baba, Krishna, Goddess Kaali, a painting of Buddha stuck to the door and even an old photo of Jesus.

    As silly as it sounds, I think they’re all having a ball of a time in the prayer room. And that is what Spirituality is all about. Having a ball of a time.

    I understand their reason behind their questioning and I respect it. It is because not many think or behave in such an eccentric way. However, the eccentricities are not really weird when one thinks about it. But I totally dislike it when, despite me giving my reasons, they fail to understand why I do such things. They order around and say, “You have to believe in our Guru and religion”. I do believe in both, but I just feel they don’t serve me a purpose anymore.

    It is as though, they’re afraid of venturing out and experiencing other beliefs (I don’t see any harm in that). It is thanks to my free thinking parents (my father mostly) I can safely say I know and understand almost all core religions in this country and why they do certain things in this way and that. I have learnt to respect each faith thanks to this open-mindedness practised in my home.

    This scorning and mocking of free spirited and free thinking people are not only rampant in Sikhism. It is rampant in all religions too. Cult-ish and closed mindedness, has killed the very basic objective of all religions; creating good, high thinking people with simple living. Everyone is living in their own shell and are afraid of venturing out from it. Which is why we see various arguments taking place in the recent times. There is a famous quote by a famous Spiritual Master, Swami Vivekananda;

    “A frog used to live in a well. It was born there and brought up there and it used to think his well was the biggest waterland of the world. One day, a frog from a sea came to that well. When the frog from the sea told the frog of the well that sea is much much bigger than that well, the frog of the well did not believe it and drove the frog of the sea away from his well. That has been the difficulty all the while. I am a Hindu. I am sitting in my own little well and thinking that the whole world is my little well. The Christian sits in his little well and thinks the whole world is his well. The Mohammedan sits in his little well and thinks that is the whole world.”


    I remember my relatives coming to my home, and upon seeing the vast photos of Gods and Goddesses and Masters decked on the wall and altar of our prayer room, they never set foot in the room. Let alone even pass by it. They were that scared of our way of life!

    However, I do agree that the Sikhi culture should be preserved. It’s a beautiful culture, a fusion between Hinduism and Islam (where in the world is there such a fusion?) But there should also be a balance in accepting and appreciating other ideologies as well. The enemies of the Sikhs, the Mughals, no longer exist. We’re now on our own, fighting our own inner battles within ourselves. We are our own enemies now. Only we can save our own-selves.

  3. 7) Their Sangat is not with Gursikhs.

    this point i disagree with, i pride myself on fact that moderate sikhs are very inclusive and integrate well with society, insisting that our kids keep a predominately gursikh social circle will alienate them.

    to be completely honest statements like this push me away from sikhi, it was such a progressive religion with many subcultures but somehow we have got stuck into trying to create this one stop shop brand of sikhi

  4. This may be the most stupid and pointless blog I’ve seen all week. Brainwashing youths and scaring them to believe something at a young age wont do anything but make them rebel when they’re older. Keep your ignorant views out of sikhi

  5. Dogma and rituals shoved down the throats by one spouse to the other, often in anger, usually, it seems, husband to wife.
    The children watch, youth through adulthood
    And become disillusioned
    As one fellow said to me: ‘the reason i’m not christian is because i was raised in a christian household’
    And same can be said for what passes much today as Sikhi.

  6. To a certain point, some of the stuff is true. However, we should all know that there is never a guarantee that a child born in ANY religion will follow it. There are kids born in muslim families that don’t follow islam, there are kids born in Christian families but they don’t follow Christianity, etc. I agree that we need to take action and pay attention to our children, but you can’t force anyone to follow a religion no matter how awesome it is. I love Sikhi and would want my kids to love it just as much or more than I do. I can try as hard as I want to show them how awesome it is, but at the end of the day they are only going to follow if THEY want to. Sikhi is a way of life, so the people that do follow Sikhi the way it is supposed to be followed are the people I’d tell my kids about. The biggest issue out there includes all the “Sikhs” out there that make up their own “Sikhi.”

    • I agree with what you say. See I`m a Christian. Well I was. Been an atheist for 4 years already. And in those 4 years I`ve seen a lot of my friends being forced into their parents religion. I had a Christian friend who was so believed in Sikhism but her parents were so against her leaving Christianity, and in the end that broke the family apart. And another friend who found himself in Islam, but due to parents belief he`s so scared to even talk to them.

      Im still very young to really say anything of value, but please do consider your kids feelings and beliefs.

      A forced belief will turn to hate. That was my experience with Christianity. But now that I`m out, I don`t feel that hate any more, because my parents have finally come to understand my beliefs. I still go to church, temples, and any place of worship.

      well i guess what im trying to say is..don`t break your families because of different believes. Families should be strong and together ! Its sad to see people disown family members just because a person chooses to walk a different path in life.

      I saw this post on Facebook and I hope I did not cross any bounds by commenting here.

  7. When you are raised in a religion, forced by parents, i believe faith gets lost for the individual because it is something they HAVE to do , not WANT to do. We need to start showing and teaching these kids why sikhi is so amazing. How it can benefit us in this world of Kaliug, of Maya, and WHAT those things are!! I chose Sikhi, rather Guru chose me, to bring me into this world. And after exploring several spiritual practices (Many of them have wonderful common threads of universal truth) Sikhi was what resonated with me. made me happy. Sikhi WORKS if YOU work it!!!

  8. it call comes down to economics

    parents are worried about making a better life for themselves they fail to invest the spiritual sikh knowledge and love into their kids. And in turn the youths who cant get jobs fall into stress and depression and then into drugs and alcohol….

    • Kaur:
      You’re 100% wrong. Sikh congregations have donated more money to our Sikh religion organization than any other religion as per population numbers and very liberals in giving donations to Gurdwara and institutions. Our community members have been neglected for last century by Sikh Thugs those are so called Gurdwara members, Amritdharies, Khalsas and community leaders. They have been looting our funds without any accountability.

      They bark on podium like street dogs, beg money for any opportunity comes into their hands, embezzle without shame and self-respect. Such type of contaminated “b*****d” bully, intimidate, false allegation with false witness to harass physically and financial, if some community member request account. Further they harass their children in school and threaten to throw acid or harm many other ways. Sikhs are heavily involved in smuggling of drugs and humans and take advantage of religious platforms. Why teen ager should deny easy money as their community and religious leader and director are heavily involved, allow and lead our Sikh new generation to destructive path. Guru Gobind Singh Ji was genuine leader with foresight hence barred the drugs but today’s Amritdharies and Khalsaa are going against his directions. Why?

      Sikhs religion had best teaching philosophy for humans but most of Sikhs diluted themselves to prove most rotten community of this universe in the last century. We must blame our parent, preacher, teacher, community leader, religious leader and political human skunks. Sikhs mothers produce thugs those destroy other humans and are worse than prostitutes. Hooker and prostitute only use their God given body for survival and do not destroy other humans only save innocents rapes. Sikh women write Kaur without have quality of “KAUR” hence proving themselves as thieves, backstabber and fools.

      I laugh as they bark lies on podium in presence of final and living Guru Ji without any knowledge, subject or foresight. Secondly taxi driver, truck driver, agents and meat and tobacco sales Sikhs are our chairman, presidents, and community members give lecture and educated fools listen that makes no sense. How we can expect better as our mothers are characterless and without moral those produce thugs every minute to contaminate Sikh communities and degrade our Sikh religion. Any Sikh can measure crimes Sikh community members are committing on international arena.

      • Hello Jas,

        Those are extremely harsh words !!

        It’s unfortunate that you have had the association of some
        people who have made you form such an extreme and negative
        view about Sikhism, which you are associating to all Sikhs.
        There are a few rotten apples everywhere but by and large if you look
        at the Sikh sangat, we see Sewa bhaav, we see compassion and empathy,

        What else could you attribute as a reason for sikhs distributing free food to
        the needy in today’s extremely testing times of Covid19, risking their own lives
        and of those in their families.

        The beauty of the Kirtan, the Glorious Harmandar Sahib and the will
        of the Sikhs to help a person in need and their valor are a few positives which should
        be enough to bind us to our Glorious religion.

        Look at most other faiths where you have so called living Gurus, 99% of who are actually
        extremely money minded, amass huge fortunes and lands, are involved in all kinds
        of vociferous activities and call themselves Gurus and have lakhs of gullible people as followers.

        In Sikhism you can be sure this can never happen as we don’t have a human Guru any more
        and have the GURU GRANTH SAHIB as our eternal GURU.

        I’d suggest (actually i don’t want to suggest as you have such a negative opinion already)
        that any individual look at the positives and partake only those, be sensible to locate and
        ignore the negatives and you will slowly fall in love with Sikhism.


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