The 10 Stages Of Going To A Gurmat Camp

1. You just registered for camp, the excitement is too much to handle! You probably won’t sleep for a week beforehand.


2. When you first get there, you’re ready to have the best Sikhi experience Ever. I got dis.


3. Then you start getting self conscious because of all the gurmukhs around… I think they can see into my soul.


4. And it’s REALLY hard to wake up in the morning. Everyone is way too excited to be up this early.


5. Seriously, if the lights are off, I’m going to sleep. I ❤ sleep


6. But then you start making friends. #motivation


7. And something you hear in keertan/lecture/workshop gives you goosebumps and really makes you think. brb gonna go sing my lungs out.


8. Realization hits.

This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.


9. The unbelievably delicious food and endless recreation options are just added bonuses. How do I eat and burn it off at the same time?


10. The days go by so fast but by the end, your battery is recharged and you’re inspired to make every day as good as camp.


By next year, you’ll be recruiting your friends because there’s no better way to spend a week.


Ravneet Kaur is currently studying medicine; she attended Khalsa Camp BC in 2010, this post is about her experiences.


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