10 Mistakes Gurdwara Committee Members Make

Gurdwara committees, love them or hate them, they exist to serve the sangat. What happens when things don’t work out as they should? It tends to be nasty. Here are the top mistakes that Gurdwara committees around the world make when doing their seva.

1. Forgetting that they are the sevadaars (servants) of the Panth 

2. Eyeing the money that goes into Gurdwara Sahib’s golak (money bank)

3. Overriding Sikhi rules and code of conduct for their personal gains

4. Playing the game of politics rather than taking actions for the betterment of the community

5. Covering up and thus encouraging the character flaws of ragi and paathhi Singhs

6. Not keeping in mind that Guru Granth and Panth are supreme and not them

7. Focusing on developing the Gurdwara Sahib physically instead of making it a center for the growth of Sikhi

8. Discouraging and disrespecting volunteers while pushing the Sikh youth away from service and leadership roles within the community

9. Refusing to acknowledge and apologize for mistakes made

10. Thinking that the Gurdwara Sahib is a business

The biggest problem: Making decisions without sarab-samti (100% approval) of the sangat


A music video about the ills of today’s committees:

Watch this video on YouTube.


  1. Completely over presumptuous article. Despite what you may believe, not “every” committee member corroborates these mistakes.

  2. gurudwara parbandhak commites only white washing the gurudwara
    they putting the white marble on every gurudwara without its historical gurudwara
    many historical gurudwaras are damaged and now their is nothing historical because every thing is covered by white marble
    Even in permises of golden temple the Ramgariha bunga was white washed and many rooms are created by making walls inside bunga and rooms was using as offices and store room
    but Now rambariaha bunga’s restoration work is going on.


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