British Punjabi Singer Openly Ridicules Sikh Religion in Chandigarh

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—British Indian Rapper Hard “Kaur” put up an embarrassing show at a fashion event  in Chandigarh where she openly insulted Sikh beliefs and identity.

Hard Kaur (legal name Taran Dhillon) was under the influence of alcohol when she used abusive terminology several times on stage during her performance.  Whilst using derogatory and filthy language, she passed offensive comments on the flowing beard of Punjabi men present at site.

Taran crossed her line when she compared the turbaned gatekeeper of the hotel to Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Infuriated over her performance, the public has expressed shock over the level of her indecency. The shocking behaviour of Punjabi singers needs to be checked as not too long ago, rapper Honey “Singh” was in the news for immoral singing.

Sardar Karnail Singh Peer Mohammed (President All India Sikh Student Federation) issued a statement to press and said that a case would  be filed against her for hurting the sentiments of Sikhs. He said that Hard Kaur’s disgraceful behaviour should be taken into notice by the Akal Takht and a strict action should be taken against her.

Originally hailing from a Sikh family of Hoshiarpur distt. of Punjab, Taran Dhillon has stirred wide variety of protests on social networking sites including Facebook due to her misconduct.

Giani Tarlochan Singh (Jathedar Kesgarh Sahib) has said that an action would be taken against her after the investigations are done.

Video clip of the performance in Chandigarh is available here –


  1. Amritdharies:
    What was the motive of SGPC President AVTAR SINGH MAKKAR (Makhi) at Hansraj and Daler family’s event over weekend as both family cut hairs, drink alcohol, eat meat, involve in smuggling and some of them smoke too?

    Amritdharies have no moral, principles and do not follow Guru Ji’s teaching but think in their head superior by growing hair and hanging kirpans. They are responsible to downgrade Sikh religion, earn disrespect for Sikh community members Worldwide and destroy the future of Sikh generation to come.

  2. Firstly, lets not turn on Sikh men for being at et concert because THIS was not her concert. She performed at a fashion show on the catwalk so they were not there purely for her. Secondly, the “Kaur” suffix should be removed from her stage name. She is a degrading vulgar individual who does not deserve the respect of a “Kaur”. As a woman myself, I am embarrassed at the jaloos she is making of sikh women. Who on earth gave this idiot a contract?

      • What are you trying to imply here? Any Sikh who has any self-respect should be protesting this, not just the Amritdharis. And so what if there are a few bad apples? Name any group of human beings that’s entirely devoid of any bad members. There will always be the few trying to ruin it for the many, its your job to think before you start generalizing and stereotyping based on those few.

        • A. Singh:
          Is there any Sikh organization that is managed as per Guru Granths Sahib Ji’s directions?

          Why every Gurdwara has fights by its members and police is called?

          How many humans are being smuggled with fabricated religious documents?

          How much drug is hauled by Sikhs that to by religious institutions?

          Why Amritdharies are involved in sale of drugs that are specially ban by Guru Gobind Singh Ji?

          Why Sikhs have no value of oath and lost all the creditability of past earned respect?

          Why bullying is major tool of Sikh community members to settle scores?

          Why Sikhs can not adopt democratic ethics?

          Why Sikh community members can not learn to live in civilized society?

          Why Sikh have double standard inside Gurdwara and outside Gurdwara?

          I have lot of evidence and documents that Sikhs are unfit to live in civilized society and are wrapped up in Kaam, Krodh, Lobh, Moh and Hunkar which is against Guru Ji’s teaching the collective wisdom of all the GURUS contained within Shri Guru Granth Sahib that is considered the Eleventh and final Guru forever(not a person).

          There are above 10 questions for any educated Sikh to answer.

  3. what are singhs even doing at a concert of a trash music and trashy artist. if you do not like falling, don’t go to slippery places. this is her usual crap. why pay to a snake to spew venom on you? i would blame the singhs for going to concerts of her like and others like yoyo, jazzy b and all those crappy artists who only come for your dollars, not for your respect.

  4. We live in a more open world now. We have to choice of watching or not watching this type of show. What I find more in bad taste is seeing Sikh men with Dastars watching her. Why not call them out as well..

    • You’re right. We live in an open world but I don’t see how that allows for someone to actively insult and discourage a community from following its faith without any provocation. She’s slandering the name blessed by the 10th Guru and insulting the Sikh identity for no reason at all. She has every right to an opinion but she has no right to go on stage and humiliate people for their beliefs. That’s got no place in a free world.


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