Pictorial: Rally in San Francisco to Support Prof. Bhullar

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SAN FRANSISCO, California—This past week on Wednesday, Sikh Sangat from all over California took part in a demonstration against the Indian Consulate in San Francisco.  Hundreds marched outside the consulate office to demand justice for Prof. Bhullar and seek his release.  Buses arrived from Fremont, Fresno, Modesto and Turlock.  The demonstration was organized by joint efforts of Sikh organizations with the Sikh Student Federation Berkeley playing a key role.

Protest started around 12 PM and continued until around 4 PM.  Speeches by Sikh youth from UC Berkeley and Davis were particularly inspiring.

Several non-Sikhs, including members of the Hindu community were also seen at the protest expressing solidarity with Prof. Bhullar.

To the most part, the demonstration was well organized but a few speakers disappointed the protesters with their dated and rehearsed script of condemning Hindus for carnage of the Sikhs.  This was despite the fact that organizers had warned all speakers to refrain from side-lining a particular community since the Sikhs are fighting against injustice, not any particular community.


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