Sikhs Barred from Cremating in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan—The dead body of Mrs Hari Kaur, resident of Shor Baazar who passed away was taken to the Cremation Grounds in Qalacha-e-Ben-e-Hesar locality of Kabul for cremation. Residents of the neighborhood  where the cremation ground is located did not allow the cremation to take place.

Sikhs and Hindus once again demonstrated and only under Police protection and with media attention, the cremation took place at 4 PM local time. This is an on-going problem in Afghanistan. Sikhs and Hindus along with their representatives and Afghan civilian government have yet to find a permanent solution to this pressing problem.

Pritpal Singh, reporter, was in Afghanistan last month to film his upcoming Documentary Film “MISSION AFGHANISTAN“. This documentary is yet to be released, but a footage of the Cremation Ground which highlights this problem has been released. This will give readers the idea and to understand the issues faced by minorities in some parts of Afghanistan.

Watch this video on YouTube.


  1. dear all:

    my name is ahmad edris from kabul afghanistan
    as i heard about our indo brothers.i became so sad about its.
    but i want to tell every muslim that allah is the creator of every human
    even christian or indo
    we have to respect all the religious of each other.
    and i kindly request to find a good place for indo cremation ,
    we are all afghans even what we are indo or muslim

      • I agree with u, we have a bad habit of forgetting our history once we are in comfort. the best example can be sikhs in Uk. most of the young generation is no more khalsa, womens and mens are know for drinking and eating non-veg..the money which they waste on such thing even if 10% is given to some humanity cause or donate it to help the sikh brothers in afghan to migrate to other country and start a good life will be good..rab rakha


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