Authorities Release Further Details on Wisconsin Shooting

A widely circulated picture of Wade Michael Page, the shooter who killed 6 Sikhs in WI

MILWAUKEE, USA—The person responsible for the shooting that left 6 dead at the Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) of Oak Creek, WI has been identified as Wade Michael Page, aged 40.  Page served in the US Army from 1992 until 1998 when he was discharged from his duties.  He has also been named as a former leader of a white supremacist heavy metal band known as “End Apathy”.  Although motives behind the shooting are not yet fully known, it is widely speculated that Page went on the rampage with racial motives.  As per statements from his neighbors in Oak Creek, Page’s body was heavily tattooed, and a 9/11 tattoo specially stood out which supports this speculation.  As per the Southern Poverty Law Center, Page was “a frustrated Neo-Nazi”.

During a press conference organized in Oak Creek today, chief of Police John Edwards thanked the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF), and Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) for working closely and untiringly after the incident.  Because of the nature of the incident, the FBI has taken lead on the investigations and is currently in the process of conducting interviews with those who were inside the Gurdwara at the time of the shooting.

Shooting Scene As Described by the WI Police Chief

The Oak Creek Police chief – John Edwards told the press that at 10:25 AM, the 9-11 service was called from inside the Gurdwara and it was reported that someone was firing inside the building.  Officers arrived at the scene within minutes of the call however there was a slight delay before they could enter the building.

Upon arriving at the scene, first officer – Lt. Brian Murphy, came upon a victim who had been shot by Page.  The officer went onto assist the victim, when he was also shot 8 to 9 times from very close range with a 9 MM hand gun.  Other officers heard the gunshots and observed the suspect in the parking lot when they gave him commands to put down the gun.  Page did not respond to commands by the police officers and went on with the shooting.  He also fired shots at a police vehicle.  At that time, another officer responded and shot at Page.  Lt. Brian Murphy, aged 51, a veteran, waved off other police officers asking them to help other victims.  Lt. Murphy is currently hospitalized and has already undergone two surgeries.  As per a press statement published on, the Sikh community has announced a $10,000 award for Lt. Murphy for his courageous act.

A check was conducted before the police entered the Gurdwara building.  The officers at that point made sure the suspect was not a threat anymore.  As police entered the Gurdwara, a grid search was being done within 3-4 miles radius with support of helicopters.  Police also went door to door to make sure everyone was okay.

Statements by US Attorney and FBI Special Agent

James Santelle, United States attorney, who spoke after the Police Chief, expressed sorrow at what the Sikh community had suffered in past 24 hours.  He alleged that Oak Creek was safe but efforts are underway to do everything within reach to make sure this remains the case for future.  As per his statement, the Brookfield temple is also being safeguarded.  He specifically mentioned that the “Sikh community should know we are committed to your safety in Oak Creek and around the Nation.”

“This is not the first time the Sikh community has been target of horrific violence. In 2001, an Arizona Sikh was shot down by someone who thought he was Muslim. The Muslim faith is not the Sikh faith,” mentioned Santelle.  He further stated that from his own experiences with the Sikh community, the Sikh faith is a faith of love and faith of education.

Teresa Carlson, the FBI Special Agent in charge of this case stated that her team has been working throughout the night.  They are also looking into the involvement of others in this case.  Carlson shared a picture of a suspicious man, who was seen after the incident at the Gurdwara.  He left the spot before anybody could question him.  She requested anyone with information on this man to contact the FBI at 1-800-CALL-FBI.  She turned down any possibility of a copy-cat attack but asked the citizens to remain vigilant.

Picture of Wade Michael Page released by the FBI

She stated that motive behind the shooting is still being looked at this time, and likely, this case may be treated as an act of domestic violence.  She mentioned that the FBI is looking at White supremacist groups, past military records of Page and other files to find more information about the shooting.  As per the past history of Page, nothing leads to believe that he was capable of carrying out such an attack. She stated that the FBI is not aware of there ever being a threat to this temple. She told the press that likely the temple will become open to the Sikh congregation within 24-48 or by Thursday at the latest.

Dr. Kulwant singh Dhaliwal MD, a member of the Sikh Community of Oak Creek, thanked all of the agencies for their supporting the Sikh community.  He also thanked the whole of Milwaukee community for joining the vigil held yesterday to the victims.  He also thanked Barrack Obama, the US President, Governor of WI, Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh for sending condolences.

The following have been identified as the victims of the rampage –

Sita Singh – Male 41
Ranjit Singh – Male 49
Satwant Singh Kaleka – Male 65
Prakash Singh – Male 39
Paramjit Kaur – Female 41
Suveg Singh – Male 84



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