Chhota Ghallughara Memorial Opens in Gurdaspur

GURDASPUR, Punjab—After over 25 years of toying with the Sikh Nation, Parkash Badal has finally expressed his desire to give back something to the Sikh community.  Parkash Badal, whose political organization the Akali Dal (B) is currently aligned with Bhartiya Janta Party, uttered such desires after the opening of the Khalsa Heritage Complex this past week.  Badal expressed that the Rs.30,000,000 memorial is not the end, but a beginning.  He promised additional landmarks to be built in memory of the Sikhs all over Punjab very soon.

Khalsa Heritage Complex Dedicated to the Sikh Gurus

Speaking at the inauguration of the Khalsa Heritage Complex, Parkash Badal dedicated the Khalsa Heritage Complex to the Sikh Gurus.  He said that it was due to the benevolence of the Sikh Gurus that he has been the chief minister of Punjab for 4 terms.  He expressed that if the Sikh community elects him as the chief minister for the fifth time, he would work to uplift the Sikhs in Punjab.  He said that memorials will be erected throughout the state to teach the youth who are going astray about the greatness of the Sikh religion.

Chhota Ghallughara Memorial Opens in Gurdaspur

Shortly after the inauguration of the Khalsa Memorial Complex in Anandpur Sahib, Parkash Badal brought his words to reality after inaugurating the “Chhota Ghallughara Kahnuwan Chhambh Shaheedi Memorial” at Kahnuwan Chhamb in Gurdaspur.  The 10 acre memorial was constructed in memory of those killed during the first genocide of Sikhs that took place in 1746.  Over 11,000 Sikhs were killed by the Mughal regime led by Lakhpat Rai at Kahnuwaan Chamb.

In brief, the Chotta Ghallughara holds great significance in Sikh history.  All those martyred in the Chhota Ghallughara were given the option to convert to Islam, but as per historical documents, this offer was not accepted by any Sikh and the entire population chose to be martyred for their Sikh faith.

Speaking at the inauguration function, Badal alleged that two other memorials will be established soon.  One will be in memory of those martyred through the Vadda Ghallughara, and other in memory of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur’s sacrifice at Fateh Burj at Chhapar Chiri.

All Eyes at the Upcoming Elections in Punjab

The recent announcements made by Badal are definitely good for Sikhs, but it is not surprising that they have come at a time when elections are approaching and Badal is foreseeing a great rise in opposition against him.  Although Badal came out victorious in the recently held SGPC elections, had the anti-Badal groups formed an alliance, there was no way Badal could keep his control over the SGPC.  Badal is already facing strict competition from the Congress and the People’s Party of Punjab (PPP).  If anti-Badal groups decide to cooperate, Badal’s defeat is eminent.


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