Attack on Jathedar Hawara and Bhai Bheora Foiled!

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—The foiled plan to attack Jathedar Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara and Bhai Paramjeet Singh Bheora has received wide criticism from Sikh organizations worldwide. Both Bhai Hawara and Bhai Bheora were brought to a Chandigarh court from the Tihar Jail for the Burail Jail Break case hearing where mischievous persons tried to attack the Babbars. Despite court orders to the contrary, both were brought handcuffed and shackled.

After the court hearing, when Bhai Hawara was out in the court complex, five men belonging to the hindutva terrorist organization “Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Suraksha Samiti” (ABHSS) tried to attack after shouting pro-Hindutva slogans. Bhai Hawara was quick to intercept. Although he was shackled and bound, Jathedar Hawara slapped one of the terrorists from the Hindutva organization straight in face. The scene was nothing short of an action movie scene where a hero is able to fight off a gang of thugs.

Bhai Hawara despite being cuffed can be seen thrashing Hindutva terrorists

The show of bravery also put the policemen in deep humiliation. Bhai Hawara further shouted slogans in favor of Khalistan which put the Suraksha Samiti militants in shame as they were arrested on the spot by the policemen on duty. The five men were identified as Nishant Sharma, President of Suraksha Samiti, along with other group members, namely Ramesh Dutt, Ashutosh Gautam, Manish Sood and Sanjeev Singla.

Pre-Orchestrated Attack by Ring Wing Fanatic Organizations

The failed attempt to attack Bhai Hawara and Bhai Bheora has come after the Shiv Sena, Bhartiya Janta Party’s right wing fanatic terrorist organization, publicly made claims that they will carry out such attacks on Sikh freedom fighters. The entire pre-orchestrated attack, though failed, has put the Indian Government to shame as it failed to take any actions against Shiv Sena terrorists who made statements that could potentially again put the entire state of Punjab in unrest.

Jathedar Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara is seen as an idol by Sikh masses living across Punjab and worldwide. Any attempt to cause harm to his life could potentially lead to a state of unrest in Punjab with more youth from the state and worldwide taking law and justice into their own hands to protect the political Sikh activists lodged in jail. Already the drive to ensure the safety of Sikh political prisoners is gaining momentum worldwide.

Just this past week, a press release was issued by members of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha UK. Namely, Bhai Raghbir Singh, Jathedar, declared that the Sikh Nation will adopt all means to safeguard Jathedar Hawara whose life is in danger in India. Bhai Raghbir Singh is well-respected throughout the world. Other members of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha also expressed solidity with Bhai Raghbir Singh as they declared Bhai Hawara a diamond of the Sikh Nation.

Other Organizations Come Out to Express Support

Bhai HS Dhami of panthik organization Dal Khalsa labeled the ABHSS terrorists cowards who attacked Bhai Hawara despite knowing he would be handcuffed.  He said that the Sikh Nation never forgets its enemies and knows very well how to deal with such attacks.  Bhai Dhami also exposed the pre-orchestrated plan and alleged that it was carried out with support from the police.  The Tihar Jail has expressed its desire to have Bhai Hawara and Bhai Bheora attend court hearings through a video conference system while being lodged in jail.  Such attacks could lead the court system justify the demands of the police and deny Bhai Hawara the right to have a fair court trial.

According to reports by those present during the incident, a surprising amount of police units were present in larger numbers than usual.  In addition, there was an abundance of photographers and videographers.  It appeared that the media was expecting a thrashing and was prepared to record it—they are already trying to exaggerate the incident.  Had the plan by Shiv Sena worked out, the video would have been playing prominently on all Indian news channels to demoralize the Sikh community.

The Shiromani Akali Dal (Panch Pardhani) and Akali Dal Amritsar also came out to condemn the cowardly attacks against Bhai Hawara and Bhai Bheora.  Bhai Kulbir Singh “Bara Pind” who has also suffered immense torture at the hands of the Police also made similar statements as Bhai Dhami and named this plot a joint scheme by the ABHSS and police.

Sikh Organizations from Australia and New Zealand also passed similar resolutions of solidarity and held that such attacks were planned to play with the emotions of the Sikh community that holds Bhai Hawara as a respectful figure.

Favoritism by Biased Indian Media

Once again the Indian media has proved its bias against the Sikhs. After the attempt to attack Bhai Hawara failed, many of India’s newspapers published the story under the headline of “Terrorist Attacked by Hindu Activists” and “BKI Terrorists Slapped in Court.” This is despite the video footage that proves otherwise. Furthermore, the usage of biased words such as terrorist and activist can be clearly seen in their headlines.

Audio by Indian Media express bias, but the video has a different story to tell

The entire incident has proven that the Sikhs hold a lower place in India and will never be treated equally by the leaders of Hindustan, who will always be of high caste Brahmin society—be it Congress or the Bhartiya Janta Party. India as “the world’s largest democracy” needs to be more respectful of political prisoners, but its judicial system and police force have failed to provide this basic human right to those behind bars.

Just like in the 80s and 90s, the media is again trying to malign the name of the Sikhs and is showing less concern towards the sentiments of a minority community in India. Instead of taking a stance against Shiv Sena’s illegal and radical activities, it is instead trying to defame Sikhs.  On the other hand, Jathedar Hawara, who can only be accused of bringing a genocidal murderer to justice, has once again made the entire Sikh Nation proud.  His courage and bravery should set a precedent to other Sikhs who are constantly ill-treated and abused in India.


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