New Guidelines For Nanakana Sahib Visitors in Pakistan

FEROZEPUR, Punjab—For Sikh devotees intending to visit the place of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s birth place during this year’s 548th birth anniversary, Ferozepur based Bhai Mardana Memorial Kirtan Darbar Society have issued new pieces of advice to follow concerning new visa rules.

Speaking to Sikh24, President of the BMMKDS, S. Harpal Singh Bhullar shared that the Pakistan government has implemented new rules which state that travel documents have to be sent to the Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhik Committee 45 days before applying for a visa. Those interested in marking the celebrations in Pakistan this year should submit their passports by August 16 at the latest.

Interested devotees would need to submit a copy of their passport along with identity proof at the office of the society near the Baghdadi gate of Ferozepur.


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  1. We need to create its replica in Amritsar and stop requesting Visas from Pakistan which has killed so many of fellow country man .
    We need to Keep Pakistan at bay as much as possible as they have been sending TERRORISTS into INDIA since INDIA became independent.

    • And of course. the Indian government doesn’t commit terrorist actions against Pakistan or even it’s own people!

  2. Ludicrous – how can one move Nanankana Sahib place of Guru Nanak Ji to India? replica – what non-sense Nanakana Sahib will remain forever Sikhs will visit regardless of whatever the ruling governments dictate and there is nothing anyone can do about this. Dhan Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Dhan Dhan Nanakan Sahib!

  3. Furthermore so as the Indian Dictatorship destroy it as they tried to destroy Hamandar Sahib? Pakistan pays much more respect of the Sikh Shrines one that the hinduvata rss will never do !

    • It was the Congress regime of 1980-90 which bullied us with blue star, Genocide ,Rapes, pillage.
      They behaved like
      Gog and Amog

    • That’s correct, many of my Pakistani friends complain at how well Sikh pilgrims are treated.


    All none Muslim are called kafirs. It’s our birth right to visits Nanankana Sahib place of Guru Nanak Ji and all other Gurdwaras in Pakistan . Both Pakistan and Indian Governments are playing games with us.
    It’s stupid and we would be lying to our self if built and create replicas.

  5. So we are an Kafir .
    Still you want to go begging them for VISAS.
    Have some sense of Self Respect .

    • The only begging from what i’ve read are Sikhs trying yo visit Gurdwaras in Pakistan, whom have received visa, have been stopped by the Indian Government.
      Where’s Self Respect in that

  6. Musalman has been the worst killer of humanity . Muslims has killed 400 million Hindus . Killed 4 Lakhs Hindus in Kashmir . Killing so many Hindus in Bengal , Kerala . They don’t know a of humanity . If Sikhs are not moved to India and stayed with musalman in Pakistan . Then you would know the taste of their kindness .

    • Remember this if it wasn’t for the SIKHS fighting Mughal Empire, all of Indian would have been musalman country by now.
      What a shame millions of your ancestor converted to islam so easily, instead of fighting them.

  7. Hardly any Sikhs left in Pakistan.
    Many moved to India and the West after 1947 and 1984.
    No one has been till today elected to any post of Significance In Pakistan
    Once the Rulers of Punjab under Ranjit Singh .
    Sikhs are today reduced to

    1) Drug Lords
    2) Sand Mafia’s
    3) Suiciders
    4) Punjab fleers

    They have lost the art of survival in Modern day changing world.

    • Jatts were Hindus originally OR YOU DON’T KNOW THIS INFORMATION, Some converted to islam others converted to SIKHS to fight islam. you will find that the majority of lower cast converted easily, that’s why you have so many in Delhi.

    • Wishful thinking india is not a Hindu rashtra and never will, just as a Germany is not a NAZI state. Good will always win over evil.

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