Ghawaddi Sacrilege Case: Police arrests one more Sikh youth named Darshan Singh Babbu

File Photo: Balwinder Kaur

LUDHIANA, Punjab—The Punjab police have arrested another Sikh youth named Darshan Singh Babbu in murder case of Balwinder Kaur. Notably, Balwinder Kaur was held guilty of desecrating Holy Scripture of Sri Guru Granth Sahib in the Gurdwara Sahib of village Ghawaddi in Ludhiana. She was murdered by two Sikh youths outside historical Sikh shrine Gurdwara Alamgir Sahib.

The police have arrested Darshan Singh Babbu by accusing him of being proximate of Bhai Gurpreet Singh Jagowal (one among two Sikh youths who had punished Balwinder Kaur) and helping them in tracing Balwinder Kaur. He was also indicted under section 302 (murder) of Indian Penal Code.

Meanwhile, a senior Aam Aadmi Party leader Kewal Singh Jagowal has strongly condemned the arrest of Bhai Darshan Singh Babbu. He has said that the Punjab government didn’t make any arrest pertaining to numerous sacrilege incidents occurred across Punjab in October 2015 but was framing innocent Sikh youth under fake charges.

Demanding immediate appearance of Bhai Darshan Singh Babbu, Kewal Singh Jagowal has said that the guilty Police officers and Akali leaders would be make liable to answer for the atrocities committed on innocent Sikhs if AAP succeeded in forming government in Punjab.

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  1. Punjab Police should maintain the rule of Law and order in the state .
    It should not allow any one including criminals among us to get away by breaking the law.
    We cannot allow people taking law into their own hands .
    Don’t get scared of any one one and defend the law fearlessly. Take Help of central forces and Army to maintain law and order.
    This murder reminds of Taliban like behavior.

    • Only cops can take law into their hand , countless fake encounters, shooting of innocent sikh protestors, selective application of law, Harinder why don’t you just go ahead and say wipe out all the minorities and there will be no problem.

      • Don’t underestimate the power of Laws enshrined in the Constitution of Indian Nation .
        They are all EMPIRES dictated laws and they are defended by
        1) Punjab Police
        2) Central Police
        3) Nations Army
        4) Empires Army
        The minorities have to adapt to the Laws of the Nation where ever they may live and not the other way around.
        The whole world is run by the EMPIRE and any breaching the Laws of EMPIRE will invite strong Retributions as we saw in 1980 -1990.

    • He is not a Sikh. Our ‘Harish’ is a very well known RSS troll posing as a Sikh on this website for over a year and is paid to regularly post anti-Sikh propaganda on this website. He has asked for God to bless those who have committed genocide against Sikhs and has been delighted that the likes of Jagdish Tytler has been given bail and even blames Sikhs for the genocide committed against them. He promotes heretical religious propaganda to try and dilute and adulterate both Sikh theology and Sikh history and often perverts historical facts to try and fit in with his hypocritical Hinduvta views. The man has no moral compass and should be treated with contempt like the fascists he supports.

    • Yes I am an Sikh but have an different view from two Sikhs on this site that is M Singh and Kaur .
      Both of them have a very historical view of Sikhism that is of Mughal and British Empire era.
      They are not able to adjust with the new realities of today’s complex world .
      They belong to category of Sikhs whose limited world view got us into the 1984 Genocide and the Blue star.
      Their world view of these Sikhs are RSS centric and they have little idea how “THE EMPIRE” controls the whole planet EARTH .
      How it ruthlessly crushes any rebellion in its Realm.
      As for GENOCIDE -84 let me tell you that the EMPIRE which did it still lurk amidst us .
      We may not see them but the BIG BROTHER is watching all of us .
      We need to be very careful of the EMPIRE.

      • Listen to his hypocrisy. He claims to be a Sikh but does not want to follow the doctrine of Sikhi insisting that it can be changed with the times. He is a genocide apologist and denier and always looks to try and blame injustices on a mythological foreign existential empire in order to absolve Indians of any guilt when they rape and murder Sikhs with impugnity and to normalise injustice and abuse against Sikhs. Harish Sharma masquerading as Harinder has a couple of alter egos as well on this website, one calling himself Reasonable Soul, another calling himself Mark Jacobson and another confused split personality Rajagopal can’t quite remember the rest of his name but he claims to be an atheist Hindu so is really a khusra kind of fellow, let’s just call him Rajkumari for the conflicted duality he/she exhibits in being an atheist Hindu at the same time.

  2. Nobody killed Balwinder, her greed killed her. Why not the police try to find out the person, who offered her Rs. One lakh & never paid. Police knows everything, but just frame Sikh youth in these cases. RSS, BJP & their agents just put salt on wounds, these heartless people always worked against the common people, & remain with the empire of that time.

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