THOUGHTS: How Amazing Is The Universe?

“Your Creation Is As Vast As YOU Are” – Guru Nanak

Imagined depiction Guru Nanak Dev Jee

If God is infinitely vast with no beginning and no end, we must conclude then, as described by Guru Nanak Dev ji above, that so too is His creation.

Astrophysicists have described the vastness of the current observable universe, and it is mind bogglingly large. Limits to human observation mean that the origins of the universe and it’s extent can still only be speculated upon. Whether this involves multiverses (multiple universes) or simply no end to the current expanse, scientists ponder that this great vastness may still only be a drop in the ocean of whats out there.

The expanse of the observable universe itself is SO immense that when contemplated, feelings of awe and jaw-dropping amazement is felt. So much so, that the God-loving Sikh attributes this wonderment in exclaiming VAH. 

There is so much that is still unknown out there – such as the fact that even of the catalogued universe, we have only detected 5% of it, as 95% of the universe we have seen appears to be an unknown and invisible force that seems to be holding everything together – aptly called dark energy and/or dark matter, since we know not what it is.

Only within the last decade or two have exo-planets (planets outside our solar system) been proven to exist. Over a 100o have been detected and it is estimated that billions actually exist around virtually every star.

This vastness of creation and the existence of exo-planets have been alluded to by Guru Nanak Dev ji numerous times in Gurbani.

Even Bhai Gurdas ji historically evidences being witness to an event of Guru Nanak Dev Ji disappearing into thin air, accompanied by the son of Pir Dastgir, a religious leader in Baghdad, and re-materializing with Karah-Parshad (a sweet pudding) from another planet/realm. This indicates not only the presence of locations outside of this Earth, but the existence of life too – an as yet undiscovered element of modern day science.

The interesting thing about this is that the above rendition of Bhai Gurdas ji denotes that not only is there intelligent life ‘out there’, but that there are also disciples of Guru Nanak who conduct divans and distribute Karah-Parshad too. A point that can really send the mind wandering in deep contemplation.

And to help bend our minds a little further, the thing that really always hits me, is that this understanding of the universe as described By Gurbani and modern-day science is then topped off by Guru Sahib when he says, Whatever is OUT THERE, is found within here…meaning that God, AND His creation can be discovered and enjoyed from within.

A contemplative and meditative mind that attempts to truly connect with the Father/Mother/Lover/Creator/God/Guru, that primal resonant vibration of the universe, that person truly can discover ALL of creation’s secretive and elusive secrets within. Hence was born the Khalsa!


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  1. There is no scientifically rigorous (peer reviewed / widely accepted) evidence that God exists. These are all fairy tales. Universe is big but God is not there. Otherwise Sikhs would not be slaves, correct? God favored the Hindus who have whole country for themselves. Muslims have many countries, every religion has own country, even the Jew has own country, Sikhs are slaves.

    • Peer reviewed widely accepted science taught us the world was flat for thousands of years. Newtonian physics was absolute until Einstein came along. Absence of proof is not proof of absence but then you wouldn’t understand how empirical science actually works. Sikhs are here to patiently teach you about your ignorance and a crowd only needs one single candle for that illumination.

      • Absence of proof not proof of absence, but proof of absence not needed. Atheism says not that God does not exist. Atheism says only that no scientifically rigorous proof that God exist. Therefore you are atheist also as you have admitted no such proof available. Where is proof of absence Hanuman and Ganesh exist above your waheguru? Science not perfect but is most reliable method available of determining truth. Science keep improving with new information you are stuck with guru granth sahib from so many years ago new textbook revision needed every year but guru granth sahib same copy for last so many years. Time to move on. Sikhs stuck in past with strange hairdo and ancient belief system, look like ISIS bowing to book. Mr. M. Singh with full respect you sound virgin need girlfriend but in Sikhism not allowed. Do you cut hair or you are Sardarji?

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      It was GODS wish that we should not have a Nation and we live under his benevolent Grace in this Infinite Universe.

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    • In every country the sovereign flag of the Sikhs, the Nishaan Sahib, flies high.

      Is it conceivable that in a different country, where they have their own flag and government, that splendid Gurdwaras are made and with tall Nishaan Sahib flying proud. This is a miracle and evidence that the Khalsa belongs to God and its mission is to spread the fragrance of Guru’s Teachings across the globe.

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  9. Please stop commenting cowards like rajagopal comment.
    Lets discuss the amazing topic of “patala patal lakh akshan akash..” i am also trying to figure how we can experience the other worlds through simran/meditation….as there is no way to travel to other worlds.

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