BREAKING: Sarbat Khalsa Jathedars Annul Maluka Pardon

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—Firing a direct shot at the SGPC appointed Jathedars, the Takht Jathedars appointed by Sarbat Khalsa 2015 today annulled the pardon given to Akali minister Sikandar Maluka in the Ardas Beadbi case.

Interim Akal Takht Jathedar Dhian Singh Mand asked how the SGPC appointed Jathedars could forgive an accused when they were guilty of granting an requested pardon to Sirsa cult chief Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

A four member investigation committee has held Sikandar Maluka guilty in ardas eadbi case. The committee has also held Satnam Singh Pipli Wala guilty of using objectionable language against Mata Gujar Kaur Ji.

Meanwhile, it is learnt that neither Sikandar Maluka nor Satnam Singh Pipli Wala appeared before the Jathedars today at Sri Akal Takht Sahib.

Jathedar Dhian Singh Mand have asked the two accused to appear at Sri Akal Takht Sahib on January 24, otherwise the Jathedars will be forced to take strict action against them. The Takht Jathedars have appealed the Sikh community to socially boycott Sikandar Singh Maluka as well as Satnam Singh Pipli Wala if they don’t appear before Sri Akal Takht Sahib on this date.


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  1. Absolutely correct to expose what the SGPC jathedars are doing. When Maharajah Ranjit SIngh transgressed he went to AKal Takht in humility and was beaten. Maluka and Pipli Wala should be made examples of and excommunicated so others also know what the penalty is for apostasy.

  2. Disgusting sgpc always grant pardon to those who abuse Sikh mariyada basal de chamche yes agreed that they should b whipped by the Sangat and example made so as no other dare to do this Beadbi

  3. These Jathedars were not approved by the hindus so what they say does not matter. Nobody will do anything about it. They can annul, un-annul, whatever, it doesn’t matter at all. This is just acting as politics. You are our slaves and are the property of our puppet, Badal. We will pretend you can have Jathedars but if they cause any problem for us we will preventatively jail them even before they have committed the terrorism. What will you do about this? Nothing. You are worried about beadbi, meanwhile thousands of your innocent Sikhs are in the prison. RSS kill a hundred Sikhs tomorrow in riot nobody will do anything. But beadbi is big, big thing.

    • I am afraid your agent provocateur tactics are as pathetic and ignorant as those of your friend RSS Harinder who no doubt has asked his RSS paymasters for help on this website considering the pasting he has been getting in trying to lower the morale of Sikhs here. I mean are you really the best the Hinduvta taliban can do? ‘Never hear of sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me’? They tell that to children and considering how immature you are I rather thought, well, maybe considering your poor education you didn’t even get that snippet of advice. Let us examine your position. You are trying to be provocative and insulting to elicit anger and anguish amongst the Sikhs on this website but you do so as an internet warrior completely undermining your credibility much like RSS Harinder has done with his slips about supporting genociders and fascists. Every Sikh on this website knows full well there is no way you would ever try to bait and taunt a Sikh face to face no matter how small the kirpan he bears; you are only doing so now because you mistakenly think like most trolls that there is safety in anonymity on the internet. There is not, unless of course you are using encryption and false VPNs to protect your actual IP address as I do. The problem that you have is you are trying to goad the Sikhs and we as a kaum know that such sneering derision was also expressed by the Moghuls and the Britishers when they too presumed to have the upper hand on the Sikhs. Where are they now? Even after all their brutalities and injustices the Sikhs endured and increased in numbers. And like steel is forged from iron in the fire we endure also with your cruelty. You see, the concept of being a shaheed – so utterly terrifying to you and your people who have bowed and scraped down through the centuries to their oppressors to preserve their lives but not their dignity and honour – is innate to the Sikh psyche, we do not fear death because we know Waheguru is with us. You have but stone idols and animal worship so no wonder are bereft of decency and humanity and wish to mock others who possess those virtues with such abundance. You think you can provoke us and incite us but I remind you as well as all the Sikhs that you are trying to demoralise that the Sikhs have Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Zafarnama to inspire them. He sent this masterful epistle of victory and reproach to the Emperor Aurangzeb who through his bad faith and broken promises had caused the murder of his four sons and mother. You too with your faithlessness – after all your religion only survived till now because of the Sikhs valour and courage to defend your right to believe in fairy tales and superstition – should read the Zafarnama and weep in despair at the hopelessness of your intent to destroy the Sikhs. You have my pity because one should not mock the afflicted or pay heed to the prattle of ignorant Godless fools who do not even know that when you commit beadbi against Guru Granth Sahib you are committing sacrilege against Waheguru’s Gurbani. It is does not matter that you do not believe in God, He believes in You. Also could you please use a smaller name as that would be more befitting to your mind.

  4. Dear M SIngh you are such an child getting provoked on every comment.
    He is an online EMPIRES man out to mock you.
    As for Genocides let me tell you all communities have undergone Genocides on this planet Earth.
    1984 Sikh Genocide -3 was done with the aim to De- Sikhify India so as to sit on its throne.
    It was a TRAP laid out by the EMPIRE along with its local partners .

    • I am not getting ‘provoked’ RSS Harinder, I am a Singh and like a lion merely absently swatting a fly with my tail. Neither he nor you can ‘mock’ me because both lack the necessary wit and knowledge.

  5. Finally u have someone to back u rss Harinder another dog barking to frighten a sher . U remember empires of Mughals when u with u dhotis came running to guru ji to save u . Get a life and stop barking . We are really scared….. Shame on ur such low thinking

  6. Please understand and read about

    1) How the world is Ruled by Empire through imperialism
    2) World Order
    3) Military Industrial complex of Empires
    4) World war -3

    We all should be careful of EMPIRES as
    1) Individual rebelling in world are vaporized
    2) Groups rebeling undergo controlled genocides
    3) Nations rebelling are dismantled.or bombed into stone age .

    We in order to prevent a genocide -4 need to have a

    1) ” INFINITE PUNJABS ‘ in the infinite universe.
    2) “EXIT POLICY” from home, street, village,city,Nation,continents,planets,galaxies and Universes.

    • EMPIRES just figment of your imagination to allow you to try and justify human rights abuses and criminal injustice against Sikhs. You have zero knowledge of let alone understanding of historical events – you even claim the Ramayana is a real historical factual event instead of cultural myth for goodness sake.

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