British PM Theresa May – Wishes Sikhs Happy Gurpurb On Guru Gobind Singh’s 350th Birth Anniversary

LONDON, UK—A Twitter tweet from the British Prime Minister, Theresa May, issues a well wishing message to all Sikhs.

The message, including a longer message shared by the Sikh Federation UK, was warmly received by the Sikh community in the UK and abroad.

“Today marks a very special anniversary for Sikhs in the United Kingdom and around the world: 350 years since the birth of Guru Gobind Singh.”

“I know millions of people will be reflecting on his great achievement, the establishment of the Khalsa, and what it represents – people standing up for equality, respect and fairness, and helping those less fortunate than themselves.”

“Time and again I have seen these values put into practice, from visiting Gurdwaras to attending the Sikh war memorial in Derby. Indeed, when we celebrate Vaisakhi soon, we will be reminded once again how the teachings of Guru Gobind Singh Ji enrich our wider society.”

“This anniversary is also a chance to remember that British Sikhs have made – and continue to make – an exceptional contribution to business, professions, charity and our armed forces.”

“So may I take this opportunity to wish all those celebrating a very blessed and happy Gurpurab.”


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