Sikh Neurologist Refused Job in USA Due To Appearance

TENNESSEE, USA—A lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee yesterday, on behalf of Dr. Jaswinder Pal Singh, due to being denied a neurology job after the employer and recruiter inquired into his religious appearance. Represented by The Sikh Coalition, Dr Singh raised his voice after discovering he was no longer being sought after his appearance became apparent.

Although in phone interviews the recruiter praised Dr. Singh’s credentials. The employer, Premier Medical Group PC, and its recruiter, Arthur Marshall, Inc, expressed concern about the way Dr. Singh looked and he was abruptly denied further interviews after he submitted photographs of himself. The job subsequently remained vacant.

“It was very clear to me that I was denied employment because of my ethnic background and religious appearance. I contacted the Sikh Coalition because nobody is better at holding companies accountable for their discrimination.” DR. SINGH
“Whether you are a doctor in Tennessee or a truck driver in California, we will always protect and defend your right to practice your faith fearlessly” SIKH COALITION LEGAL DIRECTOR, HARSIMRAN KAUR
“No Sikh in any job or profession should ever be denied employment because of their religion,” said Dr. Singh.  “By speaking out and taking action, I know that we will continue to hold employers directly accountable.”


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    • A man cannot grow his facial hair which is natural?? So what if someone has a beard what’s your issue? Maybe you should learn to become a man and grow some Facial hair before you write down this bigotry comments… one things I’ve noticed about non Sikhs from India who are always hating on Sikhs, it has a lot to do with them
      Being jealous of Sikhs because Sikhs tend not only stand out not because of turbans and beards but because usually they are taller, and physically better looking when compared to most other Indians so yeah keep being jealous we don’t care!! ? Btw most men in India are kind of ugly, I think
      Growing a beard will help them improve their appearance somewhat, just my

    • FOLLOW WHAT RULES? USA GIVES PEOPLE RIGHT TO PRACTICE THEIR faith so how about you live by American rules and RESPECT freedom to express your faith! Haters haters haters! ? Hindu KKK ? The klu klax kan is same as caste system which believes in not allowing certain caste members into Hindu temples

    • What a stupid comment. The constitution of USA guaranteed religious freedom, so they are obeying the rules of the country. It is the recruiting company that has to abide by the rules of the USA actually.

    • i am not against any religion but ur hindu religion is survived today is only because of sikhs……. so better you shut your mouth BC……..

    • just… shut your mouth…..Singh is king. he knows the value of turban and neared, if u can not respect our religion j then move your ass from this site

  1. Real face of bigotry shows up. People with no spine were slaves for centuries of foreign powers. Sikhs showed them the way to freedom.What can you expect from a community who is so much used to treachery and deceit and knows how to dump people when their mission is accomplished. By the way it not USA who did anything. It is an individual in a state took that decision. That fellow will be taken to Federal court and justice will be done. I can assure you it will not take multiple lifetimes to get justice as is the case for sikh victims of 1984 in India.

  2. Kumar, you are also ignorant of the diversity rules and employment laws!! All countries are aware of these rules. Just as once upon a time slavery was the norm, probably you would have sucked up to it!!

  3. Please let me explain for my fellow hindu. We are taught to obey our rulers. This is why we obeyed Muslims and British. When Sikhs do not obey us we get angry and murder them. Sikhs and hindus should not fight. All we hindus want to do is kill you all so we can steal your land in Punjab and make India an only hindu country. Sardar Jis are dumb people. Why haven’t all hindus in Punjab been massacred? Only politicians were assassinated which gives bad publicity, meanwhile millions of hindus are swarming into Punjab for past 50 years. Within 20 more years we will be majority there also. Then what will happen to you. How long you think RSS will wait before doing next massacre of Sikhs. If you had Khalistan your problems would be solved but Sardar Jis are not willing to kill the hindus to do it. So we will kill you, haha. We have your Jathedar in jail. Sardar Jis are the guards and the fake Jathedars we gave you Sardar Jis are all following them. Nobody shot them or raped their families. So why complain. Under democracy Badals will be in charge of Punjab for next 100 years. Your Gurdwaras in Delhi are burnt down, we throw trash and cow dung there, today I did a pee where your Gurdwara used to be. My father murdered one of your people there. Nobody will help you. There are no other Sikh religions in the world who will come rescue you. You are the only ones who believe in that thing. So you are alone. The Jews were smart and made Israel, they had to kill all the Palestinians to make it, Sikhs are too cowardly to kill the hindus so you are homeless now wandering from one person’s house to another complaining about discrimination. I met one Sikh who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I became afraid, because I thought now is the time he would get revenge on the hindus and shoot some because he is dying anyway. But he did nothing. He died in hospital bed looking like clown. Policeman then raped his widow. Obviously there will never be Khalistan. If you really wanted Khalistan, solution is simple. Every Sikh, whenever they see a hindu, kill it on the spot. You do not want Khalistan, not really. You are afraid and lazy. I am sorry if I offended with frank discussion but this is the truth. What are you going to do about it anyway, be offended all you like. If you even dare to say the single word Khalistan we will send police Sardar Jis to arrest you. We do not even have to come ourselves. You are slaves. Go on doing your prayers. Slaves should have a spiritual life, this makes them work more productively. A few months ago we bulldozed your Gurdwara Sis Ganj then laughed as you had to rebuild yourselves. What happened to us? Nothing. We sent the Sardar Jis to do the bulldozing, we did not do it ourselves even. We bulldozed your Gurdwara not a single hindu was touched. But world knows you as terrorist regardless. hindus are not terrorist. We control the media also so you will always be terrorists. Nobody reads sikh24, all they care is hindustan times. There you are terrorists.

    • ????? what a dumb comment…. seriously Sikh24 why do you allow these Indian spy trolls to be writing ridiculous comments on here? And many people ready sikh24 why else would these Indian spy trolls be monitoring the comments!

    • You are calling for murder of innocent people just because they are a different religion to the Sikhs! You have already lost everything when your mind is in gutter like that. The Jews had their temple descrated and destroyed by the Romans and were forced to flee from their land to endure centuries of abuse, hardship and genocide but keeping their faith they returned to their ancestral soil and Israel rose from the ashes whilst the blood thirsty and iniquitous Romans are no more. You are our Romans and Waheguru watches you and over the Sikhs just as he did the Jews. Sikhs have never and will never discriminate against and persecute innocent people because we don;t see other human beings as the ‘other’ as all humanity is in those you want to brutally murder so your message of hate falls on deaf ears. Waheguru will judge you and I pity your karmic fate.

  4. Dear Miss Kaur don’t be upset with the comment made by Mr. Krishnan. In my first comment I Wrote about the treachery of these people I thought it was understood how deceitful this community is?.Just think about what he wrote is absolute truth. They get their dirty work done without dirtying their own hands ,Just few examples I am pretty sure you are aware of all these.(1) maximum number of sikhs killed after 1984 in punjab, who was the chief minister Beant Singh, who was incharge of police KPS Gill, S. Khalra was killed:majority of persons who were convicted of the crime were sikhs,You must have heard the name of Sumedh Saini, I am pretty sure you know what has happened and is happening during badal’s rule in punjab and Manmohan Singh in the center.Krishnan mentioned they control the media and no matter what sikhs do,may be taking out a march, or holding a peaceful sit in or Sarbat Khalsa or just arrested for any petty crime, media automatically report them as terrorist,radical, activists. Power of media is so strong that it buries the truth and the consequence of lies is so bad and we all know it.Please read if you can get hold books one by Sidhu about patarkari in punjab during 1984-95 how media was responsible for what happened in 1984 and another Bikre pande by S.kaur. Krishnan is totally off base when he is suggesting Sikhs should start killing Hindus indiscriminately . Sikhs has never killed innocent people before or they will do that in future.The question before us how to make the truth known to the world and fight injustice being done to our community and this is what we should concentrate on.

  5. I am well aware of all the criminals who were involved in the Sikh genocide and some of them were evil men who wore turbans and pretended to be Sikhs…I know the media played a huge role in spreading propaganda during that time and they continue to do so! When you silence people and oppress the truth, there are Aleuts dangerous consequences and those consequences is what the Sikhs community are facing! The truth is very important and we as Sikhs must continue to write about the role of the media in spreading lies and propaganda about Sikhs! The majority in India who are poor are so deeply oppressed that the government doesn’t even have to worry about their media because they have no media, they have no newspapers, the Dalits are so oppressed and disenfranchised that they don’t have the privileges that Sikhs have, at least we have internet and our own media sources and that’s how we spread news amongst Punjabi diaspora but imagine in India the Dalits, they have nothing so the mainstream bias and government controlled media doesn’t even have to worry about Dalits, They focus on dehumanizing the Sikh community because they know we are not as oppressed as other groups in India and we can create our own country if everyone was on board and during June 1984 attack, if anyone ever got even one video of what army did and showed it to the western world I guarantee there would be Khalistan today so yeah media is a huge tool that can be used to gaining support when your oppressed and also used my government to propagate lies…. also Sikhs out there please in every country you live try to get a old of the news clips of Indira gandhis funeral because amitabh bachan was encouraging Hindus to kill Sikhs so please someone get a hold of this somehow and spread awareness about amitabh Bachans role!

    • Harinder, you dirty evil satanic worshipping animal, on Dec 10th of 2016, you said it was good that the sikh genocide happened and you praised the people that did the genocide. Please leave this website and don’t stick your filthy nose where it doesnt belong. Go focus on your own life and your own hateful ideologies.

    • Shut up for the love of god! You’re a troll lmao and You could even be general killerdeep brar, disgusting murderous pig … everyone HARINDER is a Indian spy agent troll

    • Harinder, you dirty evil satanic worshipping animal, on Dec 10th of 2016, you said it was good that the sikh genocide happened and you praised the people that did the genocide. Please leave this website and don’t stick your filthy nose where it doesnt belong. Go focus on your own life and your own hateful ideologies.

  6. Genocides are bad.
    How ever a genocider to deserves forgiveness.
    The Genocider will have to give his account in front of God.
    Remember the fate of all Genociders be it Hitler or Aurangzeb is the same.

    • You do not believe genocides are bad because your posts repeatedly claim that they are inevitable and even necessary and that the victims somehow also have culpability. You repeatedly spout genocide denial and apologist sentiment and call for genocides to be blessed by God! When your father and brother are scalped, has tyres of burning kerosene put about theirs neck, bludgeoned with clubs, pulled off trains and buses to be stabbed and stamped upon whilst the police stand around and do nothing, when your infant son is thrown into his own house which has been set afire by mobs whilst the police do nothing, when your mother and daughter is gang raped whilst the police do nothing and the polity roar encouragement then you can talk of ‘forgiveness’. Sikhs do not forgive rapists and murderers.

  7. You will get into a cycle

    1) No forgiveness
    2) Revenge creeps in
    3) We indulge in violence
    4) We get labelled as as Terrorist again.
    5) Another Genocide -4 takes place
    We get into this cycle of revenge and genocides.
    So Forgiveness is a virtue .

    We however need to take steps to prevent a Genocide-4.

    • Sikhs follow the teachings of our Gurus not appeaser and genocide deniers and apologists like you. We don’t forgive nor forget the crimes against humanity you approve of.

  8. Make so many Punjab around the world, galaxies ,universed that genocider will realize the futility of doing a genocide.
    Also have an
    Where ever you stay.You must never get stuck in a place from where you can’t escape.

    • For someone pretending to be a Sikh you should at least make some effort to learn what Sikh teaching actually is. First, if you meditate on God and purify your soul by getting rid lust, anger, greed, attachment, and ego, you merge back with God and your cycle of life and death is gone forever. The other one is that if you do not worship God and realize Him, you will be reincarnated. If you were on the right path to God but did not purify your soul within the lifetime you had on the Earth, you will be given more chances in human form to become closer and closer to God. If you have not made any effort to love God and purify your soul, you will end up wandering through the 8.4 million species. “When the body is filled with ego and selfishness, the cycle of birth and death does not end” (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 126). “As long as the tongue does not chant the Name of God, the person continues coming and going in reincarnation, crying out in pain” (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 325). “The blind have forgotten the Name of God. The self-willed people are in utter darkness. Their comings and goings in reincarnation do not end; through death and rebirth, they are wasting away” (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 19). No one can say which form do you take after death and how many species you have to go through after death. God decides that for you and it is based on how well you live your life. Our exit strategy then is to escape the material world of maya and rejoin back into Waheguru’s grace. Your exit policy RSS Harinder is just to continue your wretched existence having learned nothing and contributing nothing.

  9. With out an


    Any where in Space or time we all will perish.


    if you don’t have an exit policy from Earth you will get burnt on Earth.

    As for time if we don’t have a way to exit from past or present or when time comes to an end.
    We will be stuck in a Time wrap.

    We however need to invent a “TIME MACHINE.” which can EXIT us out of any Time black hole.

    • You will perish because that is the natural state of existence. Your purpose in human form is acknowledge the One True God and remerge back into him shedding your own ego. That is the only exit policy that Sikhs need. As for time machine’s you are aware that Stephen Hawking has stated that you would need more energy than there is in the universe to go back in time and as there is no evidence of time travel in history or in present this proves time travel is impossible. No of course not because that would mean day putting your fantastical ideas up against hard science and if you did something rational and logical as that you’d have to give up the ramayana myth too, right?

  10. If we did not have an


    1) In 1919 gathering at Jallianawala Bagh we got massacred
    2) In 1947 partition time we again got into the Empires map redrawing exercise and got massacred.
    3) In 1984 again during genocide we never had an exit policy. again.

    Our local leaders need to take ” EXIT POLICY”

    very seriously.

    • As with your scientific ignorance it is best that you don’t keep proudly declaring your historical comprehension also. Remember it is best when you are an idiot to keep quiet and allow people to think you are one rather than prattle incessantly and prove it.

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