LUTON, UK (May 30, 2012)—Last night over 300 members of the Sikh community from all over the UK gathered at Nanak Darbar Gurdwara in Luton, UK following allegations of sexual assault that took place on a Sikh girl on Monday 28th May.

UK Sikh community has been highlighting for many years the case of grooming by Muslim men on Sikh, Hindu and White girls. This was recently bought to forefront following sentencing of 8 Muslim men from Rochdale, Manchester whom were convicted of sexual abuse of under aged young white girls.

Sikh24 has learnt that on Monday a Sikh girl was walking to pick up friends children from school when she was allegedly bundled into a car by two men. They kidnapped her and took her to the park near Dallow Road where she was raped. Sources have told Sikh24 that the attack on this Sikh Girl was captured on video and pictures.

Bedford Police force came under huge criticism last night following lack of action. The victim of this horrendous sex attack had been victim of grooming and the police had been contacted at least four times by the family but had failed to act.

Yesterday following the community meeting at Nanak Darbar Gurdwara rumors circulated that the Muslim man arrested for this crime was due to be released. The community therefore decided they would peacefully march to local police station and ask for answer as to why the police had failed to take this case seriously.

It was learned by Sikh24 reporters that the Police showed no interest in helping the Sikh community. Having failed to get timely response, the community decided they would block of one of the main dual carriageways outside Luton Police station. A sit down protest took place on main road in heart of Luton to highlight the lack of progress in cases and increased concern at grooming of teenage girls.

Later during the night, the Luton police informed the Sikh community that the release of the accused – Anan Majid Basharat, 19, from Luton was cancelled, however he could be released tomorrow following orders of the Luton Magistrates Court.

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