Gurbani Word Of The Day: Maagar-machh

ਮਾਗਰਮਛੁ (maagar-machh)
Meaning: noun: Crocodile.

ਮਾਗਰਮਛੁ ਫਹਾਈਐ   ਕੁੰਡੀ ਜਾਲੁ ਵਤਾਇ॥
maagar-machh phahaaee-ai   kuňḍee jaal vataai
The crocodile is caught by casting a snare mounted with hooks (and the lure)
– Guru Nanak Sahib, Guru Granth Sahib, 1010

Message: Tasty bait, a little too late!

Hook, line, bait…Crocodile caught!

Likewise a human being is caught in the trap of Maya because of tasty, delicious baits.

Our nature and behaviour are built up from our patterns of thoughts and habits accumulated from a young age. These create stubborn impulses that result in bad consequences.

It’s our egoism and greed which influence and move us towards these traps and ultimately lead us to misery.

When we learn to be attuned to the Divine, our evil tendencies transform to good actions. The door to liberation slowly opens.

Etymology: Blend of magar (crocodile) from Sanskrit makar → Pali makar → Prakrit magar + machh (fish) from Sanskrit matsya → Pali/Prakrit machchh → Sindhi machhu and Lahndi/Punjabi machchh.



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