Forensic experts start investigating the shooting incident in Darbar Sahib complex

Gurpreet Singh showing the wound caused by the bullet
Gurpreet Singh showing the wound caused by the bullet

AMRITSAR SAHIB—A specialized team of forensic experts reached Sri Harmandir Sahib yesterday to unleash the mystery behind the gunshot incident that took place here few days ago.  The team took the clothes of injured SGPC employee Gurpreet Singh and the CCTV footage of the incident under its possession.  Forensic experts have started thorough investigations in the incident and has confirmed at prima facie that the bullet shell was of A-315 riffle.   

It is notable that an employee of SGPC deployed near Dukh Bhanjni Beri was hit by a mysterious bullet leaving him injured. Wave of panic had prevailed in the city since the happening of this incident. SGPC employee Gurpreet Singh had survived the bullet attack miraculously.


At the advice of forensic experts, the administration has asked all the licensed arms holders in Sri Amritsar to present their Guns and bullets for checking.

Meanwhile, such types of several other incidents have been also noticed in the Amritsar city. Resident of Tarn Taran road Palwinder Singh has informed the police that he had parked his Car outside his home in the night and when he came back he found the window glass of Car broken with a bullet. Similarly, Sachin Kumar has informed the police that a mystery bullet also hit his head from back on Lohri when he was flying kites on the roof.  


  1. How did supposed ‘bullet’ go through his dastaar (on top of his head) and end up downwards in the front of his chest (surely if deflected from the dastaar downwards it would have gone through his neck or shoulder?) and no one else even heard a gunshot sound? Sounds very fishy to me when you look at this supposed ‘bullet wound’ and the fact it is being sported by a SGPC official who is not really injured at all. Such an unlikely story would make a good pretext (in the twisted minds of the Makkar and his acolytes) to ramp up their ‘security’ at Darbar Sahib to prevent ‘undesirables’ from entering. By undersirables of course the SGPC and Badal mean of course the Panj Pyare and any Sikhs who raise a voice of dissent against their interests. If this conspiracy theory is accurate then it is very telling that even one of their own SGPC footsoldiers wasn’t prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for their cause and sustained (possibly by his own hand) a minor flesh wound which has the looks of a child’s pellet gun.

  2. These ‘Punjabi forensic experts’ will no doubt find that this mystery bullet was fired by a Sikh NRI who had been in Punjab to attend the Sarbat Khalsa and use that as ‘proof’ to deny other disapora SIkhs from returning to Punjab.


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