Poem: I Wonder If They Know

Crammed into lorries they cry out in separation
Cooped up in small spaces with little ventilation
From their caring mother they have had to let go
I wonder if they know…

Arriving at unfamiliar places
Loaded off with panicked faces
Huge psychological torture they undergo
I wonder if they know….

Inside the slaughterhouse they are made to wait
For showing distress the beating is great
They are hit with sticks and their pain really shows
I wonder if they know…

They watch their family being murdered for their meat,
With chains they are hung upside down from their feet,
As others watch on, hearing screams and moans
I wonder if they know….

The time comes for them to meet their fate
What crime have they done with a punishment so great,
The knife is inserted and the blood flows
I wonder if they know….

An everyday story of an animal’s life
To satisfy the human, they must face the knife
Just like the Jews were herded onto trains
Their fate unknown and no one to explain
Animals face the same torture everyday,
For this pain and suffering we must surely pay
Think before you eat how would you feel
If you had to experience such an ordeal.
Your body is not a graveyard,
It’s the temple of the Lord,
With care and compassion, where love is stored.


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