Op/Ed: Rise In Attacks on Churches in India

—India is home to nearly 17.5 millions Christians.  In Delhi alone, there are 225 Churchs and large Christian population.  Until now, everything was normal however now the minority religion followers are facing sharp rises of attacks on Churches and forceful re-conversions.

Following are just some of the cases that have disturbed the local Christians –

  • Saint Sebastian Church situated in Dilshad Garden was burnt in a fire, suspiciously on December 1, 2014
  • Unknown attackers stoned the Lady Fatima Foreign Church in South Delhi and broke the glasses of windows and doors on December 6, 2015
  • ‘Church of Recursion’ situated in Rohini area of North Delhi faced fire in its complex by unknown attackers on January 3, 2015
  • In the morning of January 14, unknown bike riders attacked the ‘Lady of Graces Church’ situated in Vikaspuri of western Delhi
  • On February 2, 2015, unknown attackers went inside the ‘Saint Alfanco Church’ in Pash area of Western Delhi and disrespected some sacred artifacts there. The thieves stole a DVD Player, along with other Church belongings.
    Modi in rally

Continuous attacks on the churches in the capital city of India have thrown the Christian devotees in vacuum of worry. Christian followers have protested in the Delhi reciting the slogans ‘We want Justice’. They were carrying banners with slogans ‘Stop Attacks on Christians’ and ‘We want Peace’ written on them. 

The Police forcefully arrested 200 protesters moving towards the residence of Home Minister Rajnath Singh and detained them in Police Stations.

Later, a delegation of Christians met Rajnath Singh in his office to express concern. Spokesperson of Catholic Arch Dioseas Father S. Shankar said that these incidents are a part of ‘Hate Promoting Campaign’ against Christianity. He said that we just want Justice and security of our churches. He also said that they have also asked the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the President for protection, but no response has been received yet.

These incidents depict the communal image of India. Police failed to take any action regarding these incidents. Indian Regime should make the Police stations of corresponding areas answerable for the investigation of these incidents.

India is a ‘Secular’ country. All the citizens of this country hold the right to live independently in this country irrespective of their religion. So, defending the sacred places of each religion is a duty of Indian Government. Taking legal action against the people, who commit crimes of instigating religious sentiments, is the duty of Indian Government.

In a short period of two months, more than five attacks have taken place on the churches in Delhi, and the attackers have remained out of reach of Delhi Police.  This illustrates the contribution of fanatic Indian Government in these activities. Concerned departments need to take strict action regarding these incidents to stop this trend. If this trend will not be stopped today, it might cause disturbance across the whole country.


  1. Ok, so attack on church who cares?

    Guru Sahib said melech is diesease.

    Why you don’t talk about 100s of Mandirs looted every month, 100s of kilos of gold stolen..

    Fact is christian is funding Pakistan, so that gold is going to buy the artillery that fires on my border.

    You can stay in the Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Georgia and worship your Jarnail Singh Brar.

    Jatt Sardar from Doaba remembers the same Brar running from Anandpur and misleading my Father Guru Gobind Singh thorugh Malwaa.


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